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The 6 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With White Clothes, Stylists Say

Try these perfect footwear pairings for a polished look in any season.

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Whether you know it or not, the color of your shoes can make or break your outfit—either pulling the whole look together or clashing and creating a disjointed overall appearance. Jaquelyn Wahidi, a personal stylist and contributor to Margo Paige, notes that the wrong color shoe can also distract from your chic outfit. This is especially true when your outfit is white. So, if you're looking for some style inspiration, keep reading to hear from stylists about the six best shoe colors to wear with white clothes.

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Espadrille Shoes

Across the board, experts agree that nude is the best color shoe to wear with white—for several different reasons.

Farnam Elyasof, CEO and Founder of Flex Suits, notes that since nude shoes blend in with your skin, they won't pull attention away from your ensemble.

"Nude shoes offer a leg-lengthening effect—but keep in mind this only works when you choose a nude shade that matches your skin tone," explains Wahidi. "For example, if you have darker skin your nude shoe might be a mocha brown. If you have lighter skin, your nude may be an eggshell white."

Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, a fashion expert and lifestyle blogger, recommends pairing a nude patent pump with white tailored suiting. Woven sandals, like these Vineyard Vines flat jute slides, are perfect for casual white sundresses.

Silver or gold

Silver sneakers on dark gray background
Lucky Project / Shutterstock

Metallics are on trend right now when it comes to summer footwear.

"Silver, gold, or rose gold shoes can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to white outfits," says Ra'el Cohen, fashion design expert and co-founder/chief creative officer of ThirdLove. "They can act as eye-catching accents without overpowering the overall look."

Wahidi loves gold, in particular, since it adds some warmth to a white outfit. Try a pair of gold gladiator sandals with white shorts, for example. Or, Malarkey recommends silver strappy heels with a white cocktail dress for a date night out.

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Baby blue

Style concept outfit with white button-down shirt, jeans, purse, sunglasses, and blue suede heels
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Baby blue sneakers add a touch of playfulness to a casual white romper or jumpsuit, while Malarkey notes that blue kitten heels give white sundresses a romantic twist.

Wahidi suggests pairing a pastel blue suede pump—like this muted Nine West pair—with white outfits in spring and summer. As you transition your wardrobe into fall, try those same pumps with a white button-down shirt and medium-wash jeans.

And don't shy away from deeper blues for a fashion-forward take. According to Brigid Stasen, a personal stylist and the founder/CEO of Bridge Your Style, a more intense cobalt blue shoe offers some striking contrast with a white outfit—and a handbag, belt, scarf, or piece of jewelry in the same hue can tie the look together.

Blush pink

Stylish woman on bench with white outfit, pink heels and sunglasses
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"Soft pastel shades can create a delicate and feminine pairing with white clothing," says Cohen. "These colors can add a subtle pop of color while maintaining a light and airy feel."

On a cooler day or night, try pairing white boyfriend jeans with a pale pink sweater and matching flats for a casual yet chic look. During the warmer months, blush sneakers add a fun twist to a basic white tank or T-shirt dress.

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Elegant happy smiling fashionable woman wearing trendy baker boy cap, striped long sleeve shirt, white flared jeans, boots, holding small bag, posing near bridge in Venice.
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"Earthy shoe colors such as tan or brown create an organic yet warm aesthetic when worn with white clothing, especially during the fall," says Malarkey.

Rosie Mangiarotti, fashion expert and founder of Perkies, suggests pairing white pants or a cozy white sweater dress with camel-colored boots or booties during the fall and winter. For a more summery look, she recommends brown or tan sandals with a flowy white maxi dress.


Woman walking down a promenade wearing all white with black shoes
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"For a classic and timeless combination, black shoes can provide a sharp contrast to white clothing," says Cohen.

Mangiarotti, another proponent of this bold color combo, suggests pairing black pumps or loafers with white trousers—and then tying in more black with a belt, blazer, or clutch. "Black heels can also add elegance to a white dress or skirt," she adds.

The best part about the black and white combo is that you can play with patterns and texture and not worry about your outfit looking too visually busy. For example, a black and white striped T-shirt looks sharp with a white denim skirt and black Chuck Taylor sneakers.

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