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The Best Mascara Shade for Your Eye Color, Makeup Experts Say

Trade in your basic black mascara and make your eyes pop with these colors.

Black mascara is a makeup bag staple, so much so that most of us have probably never given much thought to an alternative. But if you're looking to make your eyes stand out, it might not do the trick. That's why we consulted makeup experts to find out the best mascara shade for your eye color. Keep reading to learn if you should go with a subtle brown mascara or one in a more playful hue like purple or navy blue. Then, get ready for your eyes to truly pop.

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Blue eyes: Brown mascara

Close up of Woman with Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are a case where black mascara isn't always the best choice. Instead, Laura Pucker, makeup expert and founder of Pucker Up Beauty, says that brown mascara "plays up the blue tones."

Audrey Boyce, cosmetologist and vice president of operations at Empathy First Media, explains that "brown mascara makes the white of the eye look brighter, therefore accentuating the blue eyes even more."

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Brown eyes: Blue mascara

Close Up Of Brown Eyes
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Both Vincent Oquendo, a celebrity makeup artist, and Stevi Christine, an LA-based celebrity makeup and brow artist, agree that either navy or cobalt blue shades of mascara are perfect for brown eyes.

"You always want to choose colors around your eyes that contrast so your eyes stand out," explains Oquendo. "Because brown is a warm color, then the contrast to that would be something cool toned like a navy blue."

Christine adds that using blue mascara will give you an edge without drawing too much attention, especially if you don't usually wear a lot of makeup. "Cobalt… is amazing if you are seeking a more subtle blue, and I love a deep blue, too, for brown eyes," she says.

Green eyes: Black mascara

Close Up of Green Eyes

It can be tricky to find good mascara colors for green eyes since they're one of the rarest eye colors, which is why experts recommend sticking with black.

"With green eyes, pure black mascara makes the vibrant eye color stand out. Black intensifies the green," says Pucker.

However, if you want something more subdued for a daytime look, Pucker says to consider using a deep charcoal shade instead: "It offers definition with a hint of softness."

And for nighttime, Aimee Carr, makeup artist and founder of Voodoo Makeup, suggests punching things up by first putting on a bit of black mascara and then adding some green towards the end of the lashes. "It complements the eye color and really makes a statement," she says.

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Hazel eyes: Purple mascara

Close Up of Hazel Eyes

When it comes to mascara shades for this uncommon eye color, Oquendo advises opting for something in the purple family. "The cool purple will contrast against the warm, hazel eyes and just make them glow," he says.

To make the lashes look denser and amplify the purple, Oquendo says to use black mascara on the root of the lash only. "Let that dry and then coat the full lash in a colored mascara. It's one extra step, but it really makes your lashes stand out in a glorious way," he explains.

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