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Shoppers Are Abandoning Amazon Over Delivery Delays: "Switching to Walmart"

Members say they pay too much in annual feels for late deliveries.

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Since launching in the late '90s, Amazon has existed to make shopping a more convenient experience. And yet, many customers claim the trillion-dollar corporation has allowed its famous two-day delivery program, Amazon Prime, to fall by the wayside. On social media, irked shoppers say they're disappointed in Amazon's delivery delays. Meanwhile, others are noting they'd be better off abandoning the service altogether and switching to a more favorable competitor such as Walmart.

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Amazon Prime costs members $14.99 per month. You get access to Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, e-book service Prime Reading, online photo storage tool Amazon Photos, and the retailer's extensive catalog of entertainment. But more notably, members can take advantage of same-day, one-day, and two-day delivery on most items. This was long considered the biggest perk, but several shoppers say that Prime shipping has been severely lacking as of late.

"How long before people notice that @amazon Prime shipping is rarely two days anymore and that you're basically lucky to even receive your package at this point?" wrote one frustrated customer in a Jan. post on X. "The decline is everywhere and in all things."

Another Prime member said they've noticed their next-day deliveries getting dropped off three or four days past the date they were originally promised.

"I am seriously wondering why I am paying the outrageous price for Amazon Prime. Rather than the next day delivery, which was supposed to become same day delivery, it now seems to become three day delivery, and often slips to four or more days," the person stated, while also tagging Amazon's X account in the post.

In the same post, they also argued that a late-night delivery shouldn't count as "delivered on time" since it's "not really much use until the next day."

In a statement to Best Life, a press representative for Amazon said, "Prime has always delivered disproportionate value to its members and will always do so … In 2023, Amazon delivered to Prime members at the fastest speeds ever, with more than 4 billion items arriving the same or next day in the U.S, and increasing the number of items delivered same day or overnight by more than 65% year-over-year in the fourth quarter. Members recognize the appeal of Prime's shopping, savings, and entertainment benefits, and we continue to see strong benefit engagement and high renewal rates."

Some are so fed-up with Amazon that they're making the switch to Walmart+, which guarantees delivery of everyday items like groceries and household essentials in two hours or less through its Express Delivery service.

"Why is @amazon shipping Prime delivery in 5 days (instead of 2 days)? It takes 5 days and things are no longer discounted when compared to competitors. I am switching to @Walmart," one X user proclaimed.

Another Walmart shopper said their express delivery arrived in just 30 minutes: "Man I ordered Walmart express delivery & I swear it only took 30 minutes from the time I ordered to get here. I loveeee it."

Someone else shared how Walmart's Express Delivery is the best option for when you're unable to leave the house: "Walmart express delivery is top tier. I ordered all my self-care pms package at the top of the hour & it's already out for delivery. Thankful cause I'm laid up on a heating pad staring at the ceiling."

Similar to Prime, customers can enroll in a Walmart+ membership for $12.95 per month and score free shipping and free delivery from a local store. Whereas the store's Express Delivery function is subject to express and standard delivery fees, as well as item restrictions, Walmart+ allows members to shop more broadly and without those extra charges.

However, as Best Life previously reported, not everyone is happy with their Walmart+ experience, mainly due to incomplete orders. There have even been rumblings of a potential boycott from members.

"Walmart can count their days & never have to worry about me again," one frustrated shopper said in a Jan. 23 X post. "Definitely boycotting!! How'd I order $120 worth of items got about $22 worth delivered along with cat food and cat litter that I didn't order."

Despite Walmart trying to diffuse the situation, the member said it would be taking its business elsewhere and encouraged others to follow.

"My grocery delivery is missing so much stuff I'm cancelling Walmart +," wrote an X user on Feb. 5.

Just earlier that week someone else had shared,"@Walmart I come back after 13 months and your delivery services have not only not improved, they've gotten WORSE. Never again."

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