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6 Things You Can Get for Free as a AAA Member

A lot more comes with your annual membership than just roadside assistance.

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No matter what you're driving, owning a car can get pretty costly. Having a vehicle can drain your bank account, whether that's from filling up the tank with gas or paying for repairs. But there may be freebies and discounts you're missing out on that could alleviate this burden. They come with your AAA membership, which offers much more than just roadside assistance.

"Most people sign up for AAA for the free jumpstarts and a free tow, but there's actually a lot more offerings behind the AAA membership than most members realize," says Marie Clark, retail expert and editor of the shopping site CostContessa. "And while many of these are discounts, there are also some great freebies that AAA members should know about."

Looking to get the most of out this motorist service? Read on for the things AAA members don't realize they can get for free, according to experts.

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Hotel Perks

Man, woman, and child check in at a hotel registration desk with a female clerk

You may use your AAA membership to help safeguard the car that helps get you to your destination. But experts point out that you can use the service to get even more once you arrive.

"Many people are aware that they can get a deal on a hotel rate using their AAA membership, but did you know some hotels will also throw in some free amenities like free breakfast or parking or even a free activity voucher?" says money-saving expert Andrea Woroch. "For example, the Outrigger Kona Resort & Spa in Hawaii says you can get a $100 activity voucher when booking with your AAA membership."

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DMV Services

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Going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is typically so frustrating that it's a long-running punchline. But according to Clark, AAA offers a free option to members that can be a real time saver.

"If you live in a city where the DMV lines are long, AAA DMV services are a lifesaver!" she says. "It's quick, easy, and free to go to a AAA office to renew a car registration, get disabled parking placards, file a release of liability, and perform a number of other common DMV transactions."

If you're looking to book an appointment, you can use the AAA website to help locate the one nearest to you.

Personal Notary Service

A notary stamps approval on a document.

Notary publics can be difficult to find when you need them most. But the next time you need a document stamped and signed, AAA has you covered.

"Every tier of AAA membership can take advantage of a personal notary service for free," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "In order to use the service, you'll need to find a local AAA office to visit—but every location should offer the service, so you shouldn't have to seek out a specific office."

Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection

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Unfortunately, data breaches have become all too common to let your credit score go unmonitored. According to Ramhold, your AAA card can help you access some essential tools to help keep an eye on everything.

"This may be the most surprising one, but every membership tier is eligible for at least some free benefits to protect your identity," she says.

What you get depends on your membership level. Classic and Plus members both have free benefits that include daily credit monitoring, real-time alerts, fraud resolution support, lost wallet assistance, identity health score, and online exposure scan.

"But Premier tier membership includes all of those benefits plus a $10,000 Identify Theft insurance—and a 10 percent discount on paid products," Ramhold adds.

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Travel Guides, Maps, and Passport Photos

Couple planning a vacation trip sits on the floor looking at a map and a tablet

It makes plenty of sense to have a AAA membership if you're planning a road trip stateside. And there are also perks for whenever you travel abroad.

"If you're planning a vacation to Europe, it's worth considering picking up AAA's travel guide for the continent," says Ramhold. "Plus and Premier members can get the book for free, while Classic members will save 50 percent on the cover price."

She adds that they can also help you navigate with international road maps. Classic members will receive a 50 percent discount, while Plus and Premier will get them for free.

Premier members also get a free set of photos whenever they need to renew their passport. Classic and Plus members both get a discount for the same service, according to Ramhold.

A Zero-Fee Credit Card

A close up of a credit card

Credit cards offer plenty of enticing perks. However, one of the perks of being a AAA member is access to one that can put some cash back into your pocket.

"The AAA Visa Signature Card has no annual fee and gives members five percent cash back on grocery store purchases," says Clark. It also gets three percent back on gas, pharmacy purchases, and wholesale club purchases, like Costco and Sam's."

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