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5 Things You Can Get for Free Over Age 60

Experts urge senior citizens to take advantage of these cost-free perks.

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Reaching senior citizen age marks another big turning point in life. Part of this stems from retirement and all the ways it forces you to reconsider your finances and spending habits. Of course, many businesses and services offer reduced rates for seniors to help make life more affordable. But there are also some perks that won't cost a penny once you hit a certain age. Read on for the things you can get for free over age 60, according to experts.

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Internet Service

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Thanks to the way we now watch our favorite movies, communicate, and shop, the internet has become an absolutely essential utility. Fortunately, experts say there's a way to stay connected without having to open your wallet.

"Juno and NetZero both offer up to 10 hours of free dial-up internet service per month," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at

She explains that the offering is ideal for seniors, because while the throwback slower speeds might not be great for streaming or downloading, it's still a solid connection that's useful for completing basic internet tasks.

"However, if the idea sounds terrible, you may be able to take advantage of senior discounts on internet services, depending on your local carrier and the plans available," she adds.

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Affordable Cell Phone Service

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Besides the internet, cell phone bills are arguably the most considerable added utility expense of the last few decades. Fortunately, there are plans in place that can help seniors keep their costs down without dropping their calls.

"Mint 55+ is a new mobile plan that costs $15 per month for unlimited talk and text," said Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert at "What's notable about this plan—and the free part—is that customers have access to a free 'Mintech' advisor's service."

She explains that these experts can help with technical questions like activation support. They'll even hop on a call with your current provider to help you switch over your existing number.

"This is important because switching services can be intimidating—especially if you're afraid of overpaying," she adds.

Tax Counseling

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By the time you reach 60, chances are you've done your taxes plenty of times—or at least enough to know how complicated they can be. But with income changes also come some significant differences in how you file. And if you're hoping to avoid spending savings on an accountant, you can check out an option known as the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) program.

"The IRS offers this free basic tax return prep for those who qualify," says Ramhold. "But if you want to take on the task yourself, there are sites that allow you to do so with a special volunteer to help walk you through the process. Look for tax sites that offer 'self-prep' for this service."

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A Free Discount Prescription Card

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Prescription medicines can be a daunting expense at any age, but they can become even more burdensome as we age and potentially rely on more of them. Fortunately, there are free subscriptions for people over 60 that can help reduce these costs.

"Get a RxFreeCard, which qualifies you for discounts on prescriptions at thousands of locations," says Bodge. "There's also the free OptumRX card, which is available to AARP members."


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Lifelong students appreciate the free time to do more learning that senior-hood provides. Fortunately, according to Ramhold, people over a certain age may be able to take advantage of free tuition for college classes in some places.

"There are some caveats depending on the state and the school, such as certain classes only being available if there are free seats—which one might not know about until the first day of class," explains Ramhold. "It may also vary on whether you can receive credit for courses or only be able to audit them depending on the school as well as the state."

She adds that the AARP website can be a helpful starting point for finding out what kinds of classes might be available and where if you're interested in furthering your education.

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