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6 Ways to Attract Luck to Your Home, According to Feng Shui

These simple decor tips will transform your luck, feng shui experts say.

Your home is your haven, and with some thoughtful attention to design, it can also be a harbinger of good luck. With the help of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of bringing your space into harmony with nature, you can change the flow of energy and attract auspicious omens to your house, experts say. In fact, interior designers who use feng shui principles in their work suggest there are a handful of simple changes you can make that are known to usher in favor and fortune. Read on to learn the top six tips for bringing good luck into your home, according to the experts.

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Focus on your front door and entryway.

A front porch with a red door
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When looking to invite good luck into your home, it's important to begin with the front door. Rita Naffas, founder and interior designer for Rita Naffas Design, says you can get started by decluttering your entryway.

"The front door should be the focal point of the entryway. Having a clear pathway with manicured plants and a well-lit entrance is an entry point for positive [energy] to enter the house," she says.

In terms of the color of your front door, red is thought to be an especially auspicious color.

"In Chinese culture, red is considered a symbol of good fortune and is often used during important ceremonies and celebrations," Matthias Dettmann, psychologist, tarot reader, and feng shui expert, previously told Best Life. "In Feng Shui…a red front door is believed to invite positive energy and good luck into the home."

Additionally, painting your front door according to the direction it faces can help promote good luck, experts say.

In a YouTube video, feng shui designer Jeannette Cieszykowski recommends painting north-facing doors black or deep navy blue. She says doors that face northeast or southwest should be yellow, brown, or a neutral. East and southeast-facing doors should be blue or green or, alternatively, natural wood. Choose red, orange, purple, or pink for south-facing doors, and white, gray, silver, or gold for north and northwest-facing doors.

Create walking circles in your home.

Single, moving a couch
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Next, rearranging your furniture to allow for an optimal flow of energy can help bring luck to your home, according to feng shui principles.

"Position furniture in a way that promotes a smooth flow of movement and allows for easy interaction among occupants, Davin Eberhardt, a home designer, remodeler, and the founder of Nature of Home, previously explained to Best Life. "This promotes a balanced energy flow and encourages harmonious relationships."

For instance, creating a circular walking path in the living room around your coffee table or two couches facing one another can help direct the flow of energy. Circles are considered especially auspicious, and walking in a circle is considered a powerful meditative practice.

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Embrace the command position.

Gray, dark gray and white color pillows on bed with modern style table lamp and blue walls
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Another way you can attract luck to your home is to thoughtfully arrange your furniture while being mindful of where the "command position" is in each room. This is the area within the space that is most empowering, so utilizing it well is thought to bring good luck and strength.

Naffas says an important feature of the command position is that you never have your back to the room's entrance. That's because when you do, "you can't see what is coming your way," the designer explains.

"This especially applies to the bedroom and office. When placing a bed facing the door, we can feel more secure because we can see when someone enters the room. In an office, we intentionally set the desk to allow us to see the door. This is symbolic that we are in control of our careers and in control of our life," she adds.

Think green.

man setting up houseplants
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Naffas says that adding lush green plants to your home can also help bring life and luck to the house.

"It's important that the plants live in the right condition that will allow them to grow and thrive. The most popular plant is the money tree, believed to bring in fortune and good wealth," she says.

However, that's not the only plant that will bring good luck. Jade plants, bamboo, snake plants, and philodendron are also considered auspicious within the rules of feng shui.

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Hang a crystal.

Close up of hand holding and using amethyst crystal pendulum on silver chain fortune telling pendulum in hand on nature background. The mysterious concept of the wizard.

A core principle of feng shui is that you should always strive to balance the natural elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. By integrating crystals into your home, you can put the earth element on display and celebrate its grounding energy.

"Hanging a crystal in the center of your home will help draw positive energy into the space. It's also said to bring good luck and prosperity into your home," shares Carmelo Carrasco, an interior designer and realtor for Axel Property Management.

However, he notes that you should  never buy a low-quality crystal, "as it may have the opposite effect." Instead, opt for high-quality clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, or citrine—all believed to bring good luck and fortune.

Use a Bagua map.

Conceptual image of Feng Shui with five elements

A bagua map is a tool used in feng shui to understand which types of energy exist in different areas of your space. Laid over a blueprint of your home, you can identify which rooms are associated with various aspects of your life: wealth, reputation, love, family, health, career, and more.

Valerie Stafford, lead designer for the HGTV award-winning interiors firm Rumor Designs, says using a Bagua map can help you devote extra attention and energy to the aspects of your life that are most in need of growth. She says that people new to feng shui can use these maps to identify and achieve particular goals.

"For example, this could look like wanting to welcome a new partner into your life or possibly igniting a new passion in your career," she explains.

Stafford adds that it's wise to limit your attention to "one or two areas of the Bagua at a time to activate the energy in your bedroom, so as not to dilute the chi."

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