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5 Ways You're Attracting Bad Luck, Feng Shui Experts Say

There's more to consider than how you arrange your home.

There's enough doom and gloom in the world that no one wants to attract extra bad luck. For some, that means paying attention to superstitions (never stepping on cracks, opening umbrellas indoors, or looking into broken mirrors). For others, it means preparing for life's hardships so that bad fortune has a hard time reaching you. But if you're really serious about avoiding bad luck, you'll want to consider feng shui, too. Feng shui, or the ancient art of creating balance with the natural world, can help you move in positive energy and release negative energy. Here, feng shui experts tell us the things many people do that attract bad luck. Avoid them for better fortune.

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You leave the toilet seat up.

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It might sound silly, but it can make a big impact! "Leaving the lid of the WC open allows money luck to flush away," says Suzanne Roynon, international interiors therapy expert and feng shui consultant.

We wouldn't wish that bad fortune on anyone! And, hey, maybe this piece of news will push some people in the household to close the lid.

You ignore maintenance needs.

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Calling a handyman is no one's idea of a good time, but ignoring issues can lead to bad luck.

"Neglecting maintenance and repairs in your home and having broken items, leaking faucets, or malfunctioning appliances can create a negative energy environment," says Patricia Lohan, founder of Power House Feng Shui. "Taking care of your home and promptly addressing repairs demonstrates a responsible and proactive approach, which can attract positive energy and luck."

Not doing that could do the opposite, and your home issues could possibly even compound.

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You never declutter.

This photograph is of a garage lined with shelves full of things stored at home including, tools, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and sporting equipment. The garage door is open.

Keeping clutter at bay is one of the easiest ways to maximize feng shui. Unfortunately, allowing it to flourish can cause bad luck.

"Positive energy, known as Chi, needs to be able to flow throughout a home to maximize well-being and joy," says Roynon.

"Clutter itself can also trigger bad luck," she adds. "For example, keeping photos and mementos of an ex-partner in the relationship area will push away a new healthy, nurturing, loving relationship; instead, you'll experience bad luck in dating and risk attracting toxic and disrespectful partners who treat you in the same way you treat your home."

By allowing good energy to circulate—without any clutter disrupting it—you can prevent bad energy from hanging around and causing problems.

Your cleaning schedule is sporadic.

Person sanitizing table with disinfectant cleaner.

Cleaning infrequently can cause similar issues as never decluttering.

"Allowing grime to build up in any part of a home invites inauspicious energy to gather and spread," says Roynon.

"Cobwebs and dust are physical evidence of energetic stagnation," she explains. "If you check which Feng Shui area they are sited in, you'll probably find things aren't going well in that part of your life."

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You're obsessed with the color red.


Don't get us wrong: the color red is associated with luck and prosperity in feng shui. However, using it excessively can create overwhelming and aggressive energy, Lohan explains.

"To fix this, use red sparingly and balance it with other calming colors like blues and greens," she advises. "Opt for softer shades of red or incorporate it in smaller accents rather than dominating the entire space."

This simple color shift can make a major impact.

You collect cacti.


Feng shui experts suggest skipping the cacti and any other pointy, prickly, or dead plants, as they are believed to carry negative feng shui.

"Cacti's prickly nature and association with harsh desert environments are considered inauspicious, as they can introduce aggressive or disruptive energy into the surrounding space," says Lohan.

"Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of softness, nurturing energy, and balanced yin and yang elements, which cacti do not embody," she adds. Instead, choose a plant with gentle, rounded leaves.

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