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5 Chic Accessories If You're Over 60

You'll want to incorporate these staple pieces into your wardrobe.

As you get older, you might be looking for some more elegant ways to enhance your outfits. "You've had time to curate a signature style and achieve quality over quantity, upgrading basics each decade so that by 60 you have a closet full of investment pieces", says Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. And the best way to liven up your wardrobe is with the right embellishments. Keep reading to hear from Kosich and other stylists about the chic accessories you'll want in your closet if you're over 60.

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Chic Older Woman in Sunglasses and Pink coat
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Sunglasses are not only functional, but they're also great for stylizing your outfit.

"Matching your glasses with your outfit is important—you can use different colors and metals to match your other accessories and clothing," says Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, a fashion expert and lifestyle blogger.

Kosich notes that you'll want to invest in a high-quality pair that works with the shape of your face and features hardware that matches your skin tone.

You don't have to shy away from statement frames either. Fun colors or shapes like a cat eye can amp up your whole look and even your attitude. "Above all, have fun with it and once you find the perfect pair, consider getting one colorway for summer and a different colorway for winter," says Kosich.

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A Go-Bag

Older Woman Wearing All White Outfit

As the name suggests, everyone needs a bag for when they're on the go. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, but it should be nicer than a run-of-the-mill tote bag.

Nina Vargas, a stylist and business strategist for fashion brands, suggests getting this bag in a neutral like black, tan, white, or brown so it can work with many outfits and be your everyday go-to accessory. Whether you're running errands or meeting friends for dinner, you'll be stylish while still having all the items you need.

Wide-Brim Panama Hat

Older Woman by the Water with Hat and Sunglasses on

Wide-brim hats help keep the sun off your face—a must after age 60—but their versatile design means they're a chic accessory for any season. In the summer, choose a light-colored straw Panama hat, and in the winter go for a lush suede version in a darker jewel tone.

"It always completes the look and goes great with so many pieces from jeans to dresses," says Malarkey, adding that this hat can make you look instantly put together.

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Gold Jewelry

Tray of Gold Jewelry
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While jewelry might seem like an obvious accessory, certain pieces can take your look to the next level, whereas others can do the opposite. Vargas says basic gold jewelry is versatile and can be worn on many occasions from casual to formal.

"Simple jewelry pieces that you can layer work best," notes Jill Boylan, founder and designer of Soul Journey Jewelry. For necklaces, she says 18- to 20-inch chains are a great length to add to the look without drawing too much attention to the neck.

Ashley Taylor, owner and lead designer at Taylor Custom Rings, also recommends tennis bracelets: "Their simple yet sophisticated appearance can complement various outfits and occasions, making them suitable for both formal events and everyday wear."

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Older Woman in red Wrap Scarf
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Kosich says an all-purpose, all-weather scarf is a lifesaver. "Always have one at the ready for fluctuating body temperatures, air conditioning, or the unexpected, and savor its year-round flexibility—neck scarf (winter), shawl (evening), blanket and pillow (travel)," she shares.

Consider investing in multiple colors or prints so you have options for different outfits and seasons.

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