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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Live a Secret Life, According to Astrologers

You may never really know what is going on with these sneaky signs.

We all have secrets we don't want to let out into the world, however, leading a double life is an entirely different story. Whether that is having a long-lasting love affair, working for the CIA, or hiding one's true self and desires from the people closest to them, what makes someone more likely to live a lie? Perhaps, the stars have something to do with it. Read on to find out which zodiac signs are most likely to lead a double life from slightly sneaky to full-on fraudster.

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Woman having a secret life.
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"Virgo's voracious attention to detail makes it easy for them to live two lives. Their ability to organize information, pay close attention to little clues and tells, and compartmentalize information makes a duel-reality a possibility," says Lauren DeGolia, an astrologer at Fresh Starts Registry.

These earth signs are introverts at heart and therefore keep to themselves a lot. And while they can be incredibly secretive, they won't do it to harm anyone else. They are tight lipped because they have fun doing their own thing, being independent, and not wanting anyone else involved.

"If a Virgo were to live a secret life it wouldn't be out of spite or malice, it would likely be more because they could," adds DeGolia. "Ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules mindset and thinking, Virgo energy can get into the psyche of a new role or character in their life with ease and pleasure."


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"Aquarius is another one of those signs that can be a slippery fish when it comes to telling the truth," says Stina Garbis, an astrologer at

Aquarius signs are known for being friendly and insanely creative, which helps their mysterious side come out even more. When it comes to living a secret life, this deeply intelligent sign excels at hiding the truth. But, like the hero Clark Kent himself, aka Superman, an Aquarius would rather use their secrets for good, rather than harm.

"They are really good at hiding things from others and not saying exactly the true story," says Garbis. "I wouldn't put it past an Aquarius to lead a secret life where they live as Clark Kent one day and on the other days live as an exciting superhero."


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Leos are known for their confidence and love of being the center of attention, but that doesn't mean they don't have a thing or two to hide. However, with their big hearts, they won't use these two different realities to hurt anyone they love.

"Leos lead with their heart and also an edge of drama, looking to live two very different realities to fulfill parts of themselves they felt like they were missing (either consciously or unconsciously)," says DeGolia.

Leos are fantastic at playing whatever character strikes their fancy. "These two characters could be a CIA agent with a perfect house in the suburbs or someone that lives an online reality or persona that doesn't match their current reality," adds DeGolia.

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"Known as the archetype of 'the twins,' Geminis can manage duality a lot better than other signs," says Garbis. "It's common for a Gemini to have two very distinct sides of their personality depending on their environment."

It probably won't come as a surprise for many to find Gemini on this list as they are notoriously two-faced and can be found scheming and plotting in their spare time.

"These signs are great at lying, concealing the truth, and are amazing master minds behind living dual lives," says Garbis.


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Scorpios are known for being mysterious, so you may never know what else is going on with them. "Scorpios are intensely private and if that means using an alias so it's hard for them to be tracked down, so be it," says Constance Stellas, an NYC-based expert astrologer. "They are also strategic which can help them in planning their secret lives."

Not even those closest to Scorpios will be able to monitor their whereabouts. They will often use a secret cache of passwords and numerous emails so they are never left exposed.


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Cancers are unusually quiet about well, everything, which puts this sign in second place.

"Cancers are very secretive, since crabs only come out at night they know how to navigate and maneuver around leading a life that nobody knows much about," says Lisa Stardust, an author and expert astrologer.

Don't be surprised if a Cancer in your life ends up shocking you when you find out about their guilty pleasure or something even more sinister. Cancers are truly complex creatures and you shouldn't put it past them to be sneaky and conniving.

"For Cancers it may be difficult to know exactly what is on their mind," says Garbis. "They may be really good at concealing a secret love life where in one life they are the doting mom and in the other life, they are a poetic lover."

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At the very top of the list are Capricorns. This earth sign is known to be quiet and tight lipped, but they also have a much darker side when it comes to their secrets and can be quite malicious in nature.

"Due to their high drive for success, combined with an obsessive and strategic authoritative nature, a Capricorn could easily be a secret murderer," says Ms. IGee of Higher Vibes Online, an astrology influencer and spirituality expert.

Capricorns also are fiercely loyal, which explains why "capricorns are masters at hiding their true feelings and would secretly kill in the name of love, loyalty and protecting family," says Ms.IGee. It's a good idea to not get on a Capricorn's bad side—don't say we didn't warn you!

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