The 5 Wildest Lifetime Movies of All Time

Who comes up with these plotlines?

Say what you will about Lifetime movies, they are one satisfying guilty pleasure. They can be wildly juicy and get the job done when you want to be transported into another bizarre world. As a Lifetime fanatic myself, I normally watch them late at night, or on sick days when I have absolutely nothing to do. And while the acting is usually subpar, and the writing is well, less than great, you've got to give it to them: They know how to entertain. Read on to see the wildest Lifetime movies of all time.

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To Be Fat Like Me

To Be Fat Like Me Aly in a fat suit.
Lifetime Network

This 2007 movie follows the beautiful and blonde athlete, Aly Schmidt. played by Kaley Cuoco, who suffers a knee injury while playing sports and ruins her dreams of getting a sports scholarship for college.

In hopes to collect money for tuition, Aly decides to enter a film contest and goes undercover for a documentary, wearing an abnormal-looking fat suit to prove that larger humans don't have it as bad as society makes it seem. It's important to note that her mother and brother both have issues with their weight, and Aly believes that they are being complacent in life.

She attends her rival high school as a "fat person," confident that her sparkling personality will make people treat her just the same as they did when she was slim. Obviously, this doesn't end up being the case and she starts to realize the impact that being overweight has on individuals in society. Some scenes are pretty brutal to watch, as her peers bully and mock her body day in and day out.

While this film was made with good intentions, it's a disparaging concept that would never fly today. Plus, watching Cuoco onscreen in a fat suit with prosthetic arms and legs is just ridiculous.

Pregnancy Pact

Pregnancy Pact scene with two teenagers.
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Pregnancy Pact, released in 2010, was actually inspired by a controversial true story of 18 teenagers at Gloucester High School Massachusetts in 2008. But, this fact doesn't make the movie any less bizarre.

The film follows Sidney Bloom, played by Thora Birch, an online magazine journalist investigating the recent spike in teen pregnancies. The high school she visits looks more like a nursery, with 16-year-olds pushing strollers through the halls, and even giggling about taking pregnancy tests.

When Sarah Dougan, a quiet and good student starts becoming obsessed with the idea of getting pregnant, she claims that it's because she really loves her boyfriend, Jesse. Her friends on the other hand, discuss only being interested in getting pregnant to have babies (as if they are stuffed animals to play with).

The movie reveals that 18 young girls started a pregnancy pact, convincing one other on to "join the circle." Even though it's loosely based on a true story, it's hard not to cringe watching these girls start a cult-like pact to all get pregnant at such a young age without thinking about the consequences.

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Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear

sound of fear promo picture.
Lifetime Network

In Baby Monitor, the main character Carol, played by Barbara Tyson, is surprised to find that her husband is cheating on her with none other than the babysitter, Annie, played by a young Josie Bissett.

But that's not where the ball drops! Later on in the movie, it's revealed to Carol that the two lovebirds are having a baby together and her husband also wants a divorce. (Shocking, right?)

In a fit of rage, Carol hires two hitman to stage a kidnapping of her five-year-old son and to kill the babysitter in the process. Of course, because its Lifetime, the men accidentally break into the neighbor's house and kill the wrong woman. Miraculously, the nanny hears the sounds of the violent act on her baby monitor and she soon realizes that the two men are actually after her.

In the end, the police arrest a hysterical Carol, and the babysitter and her husband get the happy ending they always wanted.

My Stepson, My Lover

My Stepson My lover
Lifetime Network

My Stepson, My Lover, is an older Lifetime movie, released in 1997. And if you're wondering if it's as cringy as the title sounds, yes, it truly is.

This movie follows a gentle and kind nurse, Caitlin Corry, who marries a dominant and demanding man, Richard Corey.

After a rather bad tiff with her husband, Caitlin starts conversing more with her husband's son, Erik, and even goes on a motorcycle joy ride with him. If you haven't guessed it already, the two end up having an affair.

Ultimately when the affair is discovered, Caitlin figures out that it was in fact her stepson who tipped his father off. He was hoping his dad would divorce her and she would stay with him, but instead she pushes him off the balcony and he ends up paralyzed. In the end, the nurse who has to take care of him is none other than Caitlin herself.

For a Lifetime movie, this one really doubles down on taboo topics, and the ending makes it just that more wild.

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Crimes of Passion: She Woke Up Pregnant

She Woke up Pregnant Main actress.
Lifetime Network

This is a real juicy one and pretty disturbing, to say the very least. Crimes of Passion is actually based on a true story, which makes it even more horrific.

The movie follows Connie Loftis, who finds herself not feeling well, so she visits the doctor with her husband, Tom. During this trip, she finds out she is actually pregnant. This is shocking news to her husband, who had a vasectomy a while back.

Connie then starts having vivid nightmares about being sexually assaulted, and soon comes to the realization that it was her dentist, Roger Nolton, who took advantage of her while she was under sedation for a dental procedure a few months prior. When Connie and the police confront Roger, he claims they had a secret affair, causing even more chaos to ensue.

Finally, Connie decides she's had enough of the system and fights back on her own. She convinces local police to stage a secret investigation and puts cameras in Nolton's dentist office. When the undercover cop goes in for surgery, Nolton is caught on camera feeling her up and when he whips out a condom, the cops bust down his door. Justice is served, but Connie is still pregnant with her perpetrator's baby, so it doesn't clean up as nicely as other Lifetime movies.

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