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The Most Misunderstood Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You probably have these signs pegged as controlling or cold, but the reality is more complicated.

We've all been told to "never judge a book by its cover," and this is especially true when it comes to astrology. We tend to focus on the negative attributes of signs—those workaholics are controlling, those partiers are vain, those quiet folks are cold—but we often overlook why they come off this way. In most cases, there's a warm heart underneath these confusing exteriors. To better understand the more complex horoscopes, we consulted professional astrologers. Read on to hear their thoughts on the most misunderstood zodiac signs, from the kind of confusing to the utterly bewildering.

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It's not a secret that Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, and this can often make them come off as rigid or uptight.

But it's their habit of holding others to their high standards that leads to misunderstandings, explains Tara Bennetastrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat. "They criticize and point out mistakes or flaws, not to be mean but to improve life around them."

For example, "when Virgo brushes the lint off your jacket and makes a face at your new haircut," their intention is actually to be helpful, notes author and astrologer Lisa Barretta. Of course, without the background knowledge, this simply comes off as judgmental and even mean.



Cancers are considered the moodiest zodiac sign. "They are ruled by the Moon, and like the Moon, are very changeable," says Barretta. "They can be fine one minute then become super quiet and retreat into their shell."

And, Barretta adds, it doesn't take much for the switch to flip: "When they are in one of their moods, even an innocent comment may be taken as an insult."

Naturally, this gives them the reputation of being overly sensitive and emotional. And while this is true, they're able to channel these feelings into productivity.

"There is also a lot of tenacity and ambition that Cancers have," according to Tara Redfield, a professional astrologer at Another Day Greener Lifestyle & Astrology. "They are very strong people and they really go after what they want, and they stay very committed to their goals."

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You probably know Leo as the uber-extroverted, limelight-loving zodiac sign. And you'd be correct.

"They have the reputation of being attention seekers and big, obnoxious personalities that just want to be famous," says Redfield.

In addition, this fire sign is known for their strong opinions "and can easily rub people the wrong way especially when they are in their roaring lion mode," notes Barretta.

But underneath this brash exterior "there truly lies a big heart and a willingness to help others," explains Barretta. A lot of their over-the-top actions are rooted in a desire to make others feel comfortable and ensure everyone's having a good time.

"They are the most forgiving and most generous of all zodiac signs. They will make sure you're well taken care of," adds Redfield.


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Workaholic Capricorns are pretty type-A, which, they'd tell you, is exactly what's led to their success.

On the flip side, though, "sometimes Capricorn can place far too much pressure on themselves," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense. She says this often leads to burnout, "which ultimately can affect the quality of their relationships, or lead people to believe they are 'unfriendly.'"

Other words commonly used to describe this Saturn-ruled sign are "cold" and "emotionless." But as Clare explains, "they just have a goal in mind and are putting all their energy into figuring out how to achieve it."

And if you're part of their inner circle, you'll learn that it's you they're working so hard to provide for. "Capricorn is an Earth sign that is extremely practical, loyal, and faithful," notes professional astrologer Leah Goldberg.


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Of course, Scorpio comes in near the top of this list, as their most prominent personality trait is their mysteriousness.

"They keep their cards close to their chest, and can make even their smallest news feel like a big secret," says Bennet. "With only snippets of information at hand, most find them incredibly hard to understand."

This secretive nature makes others view them as "jealous, cagey, and obscure," adds Barretta. She also notes that they get pegged as vengeful.

However, all of this elusiveness "comes from feelings of self-doubt and fear of the opinions of others," explains Clare. "After all, water signs are incredibly reactionary and emotional."

But once you break down the walls of a Scorpio, they're incredibly loyal, protective, and intuitive. "If anything, you want a Scorpio for a friend because their sharp instincts can see through most lies and sensational stories," says Barretta.

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Aquarius is the most unique and eccentric sign of the zodiac. "They will wear the oddest clothes that often mismatch and say the weirdest things at times," says Goldberg.

"They are contrarians and live by the beat of their own drum," agrees Clare. "But [they] sometimes have difficulties connecting with people as they struggle to bite their tongue on occasion … This means that people can consider them brash and unfeeling as they do not falsify niceties."

But the reason for this is that Aquarians are also the most intelligent zodiac sign "and process things quickly," explains Barretta. "Because of their quirks, others find it hard to believe that underneath their zany ways truly lies a raving genius who perceives future trends."

So, while you may find it hard to relate to this sign, you'll never be bored around them, and you'll get to bear witness when they invent the next great tech product or launch a new philanthropic cause.

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