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The Most Pessimistic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Some people can only see the glass half-empty.

It can be pretty exhausting to constantly expect the worst, and a glass-half-empty attitude can put a strain on your relationships. Planning an indoor wedding since you assume it'll rain? Find it hard to give others the benefit of the doubt? Your horoscope may be the reason for your inability to put on rose-colored glasses. Read on to hear from astrologers about which zodiac signs are the most pessimistic, from the slightly cynical to the downright defeatist.

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Taurus, a fixed sign, prefers routine and comfort, so "they're not too wild about change," says astrologer Joanne Lara. "When faced with an obstacle or someone who disagrees with them, their natural reaction can be to feel a sense of pessimism that may seem overwhelming."

Spiritual healer and astrologer Emily Newman describes Taureans as "moody and stubborn, which makes them feel depressed and as if their world is coming to an end." Because they're so strong-willed, it can be tough to convince them that things aren't really that bad.


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These analytical earth signs don't know how to look at the bright side, because they're too busy always expecting the worst. "Virgo is often regarded as one of the most negative signs of the zodiac," Lara explains. "People born under this sign are natural worriers who strive for perfection."

Psychic astrologer Angel Dawn says Virgo is "never quite satisfied with anything… endlessly looking for improvement and refinement." Because these moody humans are always searching for flawlessness, when things are just below 100 percent, they can easily turn negative.

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Capricorns can be perceived as super serious, so they don't come off as hopeful. They are so focused on succeeding in the office that they don't give much thought to their personal lives, leading to somber moods.

Ruled by "cold, stern" Saturn, Capricorn "tends to be a hardworking, career-climbing, innately mature sign," Dawn says. And when their well-thought-out goals don't go exactly according to plan, they easily become demoralized. This rigid attitude can be difficult for those around them who view their accomplishments as something to be celebrated.



This highly sensitive sign is constantly worrying that something will go wrong and running through all the worst-case scenarios to prepare. It doesn't help that Libras are also nervous about what others think of them.

"They are very judgmental, so when people ignore them, they believe the world has ended," Newman explains. Unfortunately, this means they spend much of their time distrustful of certain situations. Libras want to find balance in everything they do, and when they can't, they can become forlorn.

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This water sign switches up their mood easily and tends to overthink. While Cancers can be optimistic, they'll quickly change their mind and act despondent."They typically feel like everyone is out to get them, even if that's not true," Lara explains. "[They] don't realize that this tendency sometimes causes them to read too much into any given situation."

Dawn says this emotional crab sign is likely to "retreat into the safety of its shell" when the world around them seems too dark. "Their private world can sometimes breed emotional dysfunctions such as paranoia, pessimism, and distrust," she explains.


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Mysterious Scorpios keep secrets, so they're always looking out for other people who lie just as easily. "Because of their innately intuitive nature that understands the foibles of human nature, they understand the dark side," Dawn says. "This knowledge can easily make them deeply pessimistic." After all, it's natural to be suspicious when you're always tight-lipped yourself.

Lara says Scorpios' intuitiveness means their judgments are often right, though she cautions that being so distrustful is "not the best way to live life." Always expecting the worst in people is a slippery slope to completely distancing yourself from others.

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