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The Flakiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Only make plans with them if you don't want to go.

Everyone has that one flaky friend. Every time the two of you make plans, you know there's a 50 percent chance they don't show up. One week, they have a tummy ache; the next, their mother-in-law dropped in unexpectedly. And so on and so on. Predicting this behavior isn't always easy—especially if your pal is generally reliable in other aspects of your friendship. However, astrology experts say there's one way to know if a person is a flake or not: by assessing their sign. With a little help from our panel of astrological experts, we've discovered the flakiest zodiac signs, from the harmlessly overcommitted to the shameless no-shows.

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Our list starts with a sign that doesn't mean to flake but sometimes does anyway. "Aquarians are ideas people—they're always full of amazing thoughts about things they could do, things you could do, things that can happen, but they lack the drive to make many of those things happen," says Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer. "So they might present their idea as a concrete plan, but it's actually a vague hope, and it won't come to be."

However, it's not quite their fault. Because Aquarius is an air sign—and the airiest air sign at that—they simply struggle to put their plans into action.


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This sign's flakiness stems from its inability to set boundaries. "Instead of setting boundaries, Pisces will just go awol for a week," says Maisy Bristol, astrologer and tarot reader at Tarot By Maisy. "As a way to resist confrontation or difficult conversations, Pisces will simply disappear into their own world until they recharge."

Don't be surprised if they say they're down for something in the group chat and then ghost you on the day of the event. They're likely zoning out to a new album or painting a piece of art to recharge their social battery.

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Gemini likes to do a lot of things at once. They can go from office happy hour to tennis class to the club with little to no downtime. However, that go-go-go mentality can lead them to miss a few things every now and then.

"They often overcommit and are late to everything," says Licia Morelli, co-founder of Hey Clair! "If you invite a Gemini to do something, remember you're about 10th on the list of things to do that day—they'll show up, but not on time." Once they're there, they may skip out early, too.


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This is another sign that gets bogged down by over-commitment. "Libras can also be pretty flaky but only because they want to make everyone happy," says Morelli. "If they're offered two invites to head out for the night, they'll try to balance both instead of saying no. If they get caught up in fun at the first invite, they may forget to head out for the second."

You might want to ask them if they have any other plans for the night before you invite them to a seated dinner party.


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This hyper-independent and free-spirited sign can feel trapped by rigid plans. "Never wanting to be boxed in, they may decide the decision or plans they made just don't fit into what they want to do anymore and, as a result, will cancel last minute—or just not show up," says Morelli.

"Sagittarius is also spontaneous and might choose a more exciting plan over the original plans they made," she adds. "This also leads to last-minute cancellations or—because they're in the moment—forgetting to let you know they're not going to make it." Hey, at least they're having fun.

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As Morelli says, "if you want to bet that your plans will be canceled, make plans with a Cancer." This homebody sign is signified by the crab, and just like the crab, it enjoys being in its shell. So, if your plans are outside of its shell, it's likely to pass.

"Cancer loves being at home and feeling a sense of safety and security," Morelli adds. "This means that they're likely going to think a plan is a great idea at the moment, but when it's time to show up and go out… well, they tend to flake out more often than not so they can stay home and lounge around the house, cook a meal, or read a book by the fire." If you want to guarantee they'll be there, ask if they'd like to host at their place. We bet they'll jump at the offer.

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