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The Best Crafting Hobby for You to Try, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Will you enjoy a cozy craft like candle-making? Or something challenging like sewing?

Arts and crafts might be something you associate with children, but there are plenty of artistic pursuits for adults, from sewing and crocheting to scrapbooking and candle-making. If you don't consider yourself naturally crafty, fear not. Astrologers say there is an activity for everyone that'll get your creative juices flowing. To find out what you're likely to enjoy most in the DIY world, keep reading to learn what craft you should do, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Woodworking

Father son woodworking together

"Aries are known for their boldness, adventurous spirit, and boundless energy," says Bella Nguen, an astrology columnist at Indielogy Magazine. "They love taking on new challenges and creating something unique."

This is why she thinks woodworking is the craft they'd most enjoy. And Raquel Rodriguez, an experienced astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, agrees.

"This craft demands physical strength and a fearless approach, both inherent in Aries' nature," she explains. "The process of turning a raw piece of wood into a functional or artistic item will appeal to their instinctive need for direct, tangible outcomes."

Taurus: Pottery

white mother and daughter making pottery
LightField Studios / Shutterstock

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty of romance, so they "have an eye for beauty," notes Nguen. "They appreciate comfort, quality, and aesthetics."

But they're also a practical, grounded earth sign who feels at one with nature—which is why pottery makes sense as a craft for Taurus.

"The tactile nature of clay, its transformation from a lump to a beautiful, useful object, mirrors Taurus' appreciation for practical beauty," shares Rodriguez. "This craft also requires patience and persistence, two traits that Taurus has in abundance."

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Gemini: Scrapbooking

Woman DIY scrapbooking

"Geminis are curious by nature: They thrive on versatility, learning new things, and sharing experiences with others," explains Nguen.

As the outgoing social butterflies of the zodiac, they love spending time with friends and family and creating lasting memories—which they can collect and showcase by scrapbooking.

"The process of gathering memories, storytelling through visuals and text, and the creative aspect of designing pages would all appeal to their lively, versatile personalities," says Rodriguez.

Cancer: Candle-Making

Woman making candle of soy wax, decorating it with dry roses and flowers using wooden stick.
Polina Lebed / iStock

"Cancerians are nurturing souls with deep emotional intelligence," says Nguen, adding that these well-known homebodies "value family ties, home comforts, and traditions dearly."

So, it's no surprise that they'd connect with a craft that enhances their home as a comfy, cozy oasis.

"Candle-making offers Cancerians an avenue to create a warm and inviting ambiance at home while celebrating special occasions or simply honoring cherished memories," Nguen shares.

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Leo: Jewelry-Making

Woman using pliers to adjust malachite gemstones
Dragon Images / Shutterstock

Leo is the only sign for which all three of our astrologers agreed on a craft—jewelry-making.

"There's nothing dull about these lions," says Tara Bennet, astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat. "They adore anything that sparkles, from glitter to diamonds! When Leo tries their hand at jewelry-making, expect some show-stopping pieces, bejeweled and bedazzled."

As the most attention-seeking sign, Leo will love getting compliments on their accessories. "They can even spoil their loved ones with these dazzling creations," adds Nguen.

Virgo: Embroidery

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman doing embroidery at home
Hiraman / iStock

"Virgos are meticulous and detail-oriented, which makes them ideally suited for the precision of embroidery," says Nguen. "They would enjoy the disciplined approach that embroidery requires, and take satisfaction in creating intricate designs that reflect their high standards."

Since Virgos are the zodiac's perfectionists, they get a lot of pleasure from a job well done. So, having one of their lovely embroidery creations decorating their home will be a reminder that all their hard work pays off.

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Libra: Calligraphy

Calligraphy lesson

Libras are also ruled by romantic Venus and, therefore, "appreciate beauty, balance, and artistic expression," says Nguen, who adds that they are sophisticated and graceful. "Calligraphy perfectly aligns with these qualities as it involves the art of writing or drawing letters in an elegant and decorative manner."

Rodriguez notes that Libras are also known for seeking balance and harmony. While this mostly applies to their relationships with others, she says the discipline of calligraphy will also speak to this side of their personality.

Scorpio: Papier-mâché

Making papier mache. Female hands with a brush glue a torn paper blank
Akintevs / iStock

Papier-mâché utilizes paper, glue, and water to sculpt vases, bowls, masks, and more. And Nguen says Scorpios are "intense, mysterious creatures who are constantly evolving," just like this craft.

These water signs are sensitive and emotional at heart, but they rarely let others see their vulnerable side. However, a craft like this allows them to "delve deep into their imagination, explore their creativity, and reveal aspects of themselves hidden beneath the surface," explains Nguen.

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Sagittarius: Macramé

boho macrame wall hanging
Elena_Ozornina / iStock

"Sagittarians are renowned for their adventurous spirit and optimistic outlook on life—they crave freedom, diversity, and knowledge at every turn," says Nguen, who recommends macramé as the ideal craft for these jet-setting signs.

"Sagittarians can use macramé to express their wanderlust while learning new techniques influenced by different cultures—ultimately producing colorful and versatile creations," she adds.

Capricorn: Sewing

Woman seamstress with sewing machine

There are few others as disciplined, determined, and hardworking as Capricorn—which is why Rodriguez says sewing is a suitable craft. "It combines their appreciation for functionality with their patience for detailed work."

But Bennet notes that there's a more practical aspect to this, too. "Capricorns are careful with their cash. Customizing their clothes and revamping outdated items will give their image a boost and save money."

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Aquarius: Paper Crafts

cropped image of designer cutting paper for scrapbooking greeting postcards
LightFieldStudios / iStock

"Aquarians are innovative, independent thinkers with a deep sense of compassion for humanity," says Nguen. "They value progress, social justice, and freedom above all."

So, for these out-of-the-box thinkers, only an incredibly versatile and customizable activity will do—like paper crafts.

"By engaging in paper crafting, Aquarians can express their unique perspectives while experimenting with new ideas—ultimately supporting causes they wholeheartedly believe in," Nguen adds.

Pisces: Crochet

Close-up of woman crocheting with yellow wool
Peter Carruthers / iStock

Pisces is an emotional water sign. They absorb the feelings of those around them, which, understandably, can be a lot. To center themselves, they very often escape into daydreams and fantasies, "weaving beautiful worlds in their minds," according to Bennet.

For this reason, she recommends a meditative craft like crocheting.

"They appreciate the intricacy and beauty of crochet, getting lost in its patterns," she adds. And whether it's a cozy blanket or a chunky scarf, their sensitive side will feel comforted when wrapped in something soft and homemade.

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