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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You If You're Over 60

Astrologers share the changes each sign goes through later in life.

Whether you've been enjoying your golden years or are just getting accustomed to this new stage of life, your personality might be going through some shifts. Maybe you're more carefree now that you don't have the stress of a career or children, or perhaps you've become more outgoing and social. But whatever those changes are, your zodiac sign could have a lot to say about your personality if you're over 60.

Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner at Psychic Stina, explains that if you are over 60, you have gone through two Saturn returns. Between every 27-29 years Saturn returns to the degree that it was at the time you were born. "When this happens, you have a time in your life when you can reconsider your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to live your life better," says Garbis. "Normally you'll go through some type of big change or challenge and come out the other side, stronger, and more of who you are meant to be."

While not everyone has one of life's big epiphanies, you may notice some subtle differences in yourself from when you were younger. Keep reading to find out more about your astrological journey, as Garbis and other astrologers share what your zodiac sign says if you're over 60.

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Aries has a firecracker type of personality—and while you're still passionate, your life may not be as intense as it was when you were younger.

"If you're over 60 and [an] Aries you've probably figured out that spending so much energy trying to do things isn't worth it," says Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and astrologer at Fresh Start Registry.

Being aggressive and burnt out isn't ideal anymore, and these fire signs start to embrace the go-with-the-flow mentality. As the first sign of the zodiac, you'll always have a knack for leading others, but your tactics will be gentler and more approachable.

"You may find yourself taking the lead in situations and finding that people naturally follow you," says Garbis. " People hear you when you speak and you take your words and actions seriously and follow suit."


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"If you're over 60 and a Taurus you likely have locked in your 'go-to's' for pleasure and relaxation," says DeGolia.

Tauruses are known for being stuck in their ways and getting older proves that even more. As an earth sign, you value stability and security more than anything else, so the things that bring you joy are your main priority.

And since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, you'll make sure to keep love as a main focus. You enjoy being surrounded by the people who mean the most to you, and this will have you radiating pure unadulterated happiness at this point in your life.

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Gemini still doesn't know how to slow down. You're a fast talker, love stimulating conversations, and absolutely hate sitting still. And that only intensifies as you age.

"They can be a sign that is always up in the air, a busy bee always thinking of this and that," says Garbis.

But what this means is that friends and family look to you for knowledge, information, and a good time—and you're more than happy to provide it. As a Gemini, you'll be on a learning journey for years to come and will thrive at this stage of life.



Cancer loves to care for others. You've always been the one hosting every party or family get-together, and people know they can rely on you.

But Degolia notes that after all these years of doing what everyone else wants or needs, Cancer starts to make themselves number one. "By 60, you're realizing that as much as you enjoy caring for others, you've learned caring for yourself is the ultimate flex."

You'll also let loose and trust your instincts more than you did when you were younger. You aren't so controlled by your emotions and can embrace all of life's little moments—even when they don't make sense.

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As the sign that's ruled by the sun, the spotlight has played a pretty big role in Leo's life. No matter how old you are, you'll always want attention, but instead of vying for that alone, you've learned to be more vulnerable and ask for the things you need.

You're still as charming as ever with a big social circle, but Garbis says when Leos are younger they're known for being a big mouth, but after 60, you put more care and thought into what you say.

"This is the type of sign that takes the stage and has a lot to say—you are in the prime of your life to be the leading star of your movie," says Garbis.


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"Analysis-paralysis may have been a challenge in your younger years, but after 60, you've realized that worrying only propagates worry," says DeGolia. Perfectionist Virgo has mellowed out and doesn't take every little thing so seriously anymore.

Known for being one of the most helpful signs, Virgos may misdirect their usefulness in their younger years and overcommit to others who take advantage of them, Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology, tells Best Life. But now you know who's really worth your time.

You also won't find anyone in better health than Virgo. You know how to take care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit.

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Libra values partnerships and connection, so you'll likely be settled into a relationship that feels as close to perfect as it can get by the time you're 60.

But after spending so many years as the people pleaser of the zodiac, always striving for balance and harmony, you've also learned the importance of solitude and can lean into that rather than run from it.

"They spend so much of their lives worrying about other people and trying to be what they think others expect, so a dedicated self-love process becomes really important in their later years," says Marquardt.


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Scorpio radiates intensity. You're known for being mysterious and keeping your guard up, but in your later years, you'll definitely drop some of those walls.

"Later in life they can be one of the most loyal people in your corner," says Garbis. Plus, you've learned to accept your emotions by this point, which allows you to be more vulnerable.

That said, this is the time of your life when you may make some of your deepest connections in friendship, love, and family.


Grandma and Granddaughter Sharing secrets

Oh, Sagittarius and their unyielding need for wisdom and exploration. Marquardt says that after spending so much time seeing the world, by 60 years old, you'll be ready to share what you've learned.

You might publish a book, take on some type of teaching role, or pass down your life lessons in a journal—you want future generations to know what you know.

And again, after so many years of bouncing from place to place, you'll see more value in "shared experiences," says Marquardt. This might be traveling with a loved one or joining a weekly book club.


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Capricorns have always been known as the workaholics of the zodiac. You've pushed to achieve your goals and become financially stable, so as you hit your 60s, you'll be "releasing the need for total control or perfectionism," says Maya Shetreat, MD, astrologer, neurologist, and author of The Dirt Cure.

You still like to have something to strive towards, and you can't help liking things a certain way, but you've now reached the point where you can prioritize pleasure and take time to appreciate the small things in life, adds Shetreat.

And since you've always been uber-sophisticated, you've just aged like a fine wine—ready to experience all you can.

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Aquarius has always marched to the beat of their own drum. Your uniqueness and unmatched way of thinking have gotten you far, which is why you'll be more confident and content than ever as you hit age 60.

"The inventiveness has paid off over time and people will see that you always have been ahead of your years," says Garbis.

And since you're an air sign and, therefore, a good communicator, you can expect an even larger social circle than in your younger years. "As they hit their 60s and beyond, they find their social stride by embracing connection and community in new and unexpected ways," says Shetreat.


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As one of the deepest-feeling signs, Pisces has always been the old soul of the zodiac, says Jennifer Baptista, tarot card reader and spiritual realtor at Fresh Start Registry—and this doesn't go away.

"With age, Pisces gains a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings, and they tap into a sense of unconditional love that allows them to have transformative empathy and understanding for others," explains Marquardt.

You've also always been the most creative zodiac sign, but you'll really embrace your artistic side now. In fact, Garbis says your art may go from a hobby to something valuable others want to own.

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