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The Most Outdoorsy Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You'll find them taking a hike, laying on the beach, or just breathing in the fresh air.

For some folks, nothing beats the great outdoors. They can't think of anything better than basking in nature. Whether they're going for a hike or relaxing at the beach, you'll find them outside as much as possible. They'll choose camping over staying in a hotel and would much rather be outside than on the couch watching TV. While they might just find peace in nature, astrology could be why these people are always looking to get out of the house. Keep reading to find out the most outdoorsy zodiac sign from a little granola to really rugged.

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Man Relaxing in Nature
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Aquarians are natural innovators and can solve problems quickly. They love nothing more than bringing new ideas to the table, as well as exploring new things life has to offer. They'll find a lot of peace when they're outside, plus they know how to appreciate the beauty of nature.

They are symbolized by the water bearer and always want to dive deeper into the world around them. "This might mean traveling to far-flung destinations for charitable causes or simply pondering their next grand plan in the stillness of nature," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense.


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Aries people hate sitting still and are all about finding new challenges and opportunities. Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology, describes them as adventure-loving competitors, so it's likely you'll see them crushing an outdoor sporting event.

They're fiery and passionate, and always want to be the first to do something. "They are always living life to the fullest, meaning they're not afraid to get their hands dirty or break a sweat in the great outdoors," Clare says.

More often than not you'll find them as the head honcho on a camping trip, a hike, or any other outdoor activity that requires a little guidance.

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Family Beach Day
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Cancer loves to be outdoors if it's within their comfort zone. You won't see them doing anything crazy like bungee jumping, but give them something serene like a nice beach day, and they'll be all set.

You'll most likely find Cancers arranging family trips to the shore or a lake. Loftis says that their personalities need water—it's where they truly thrive. "It's very healing for their sensitive souls," she says.

Also, if these water signs are feeling overwhelmed with emotions, taking a quick walk or trip outside will help them center themselves.


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Virgo is an earth sign that has a deep connection to the world around them. If you're going on an outdoor adventure with a Virgo, they love to plan so they'll always make sure everyone has what they need during the excursion. They'll splurge for all the high-quality necessities and make an itinerary with the best things to see.

"As a naturally anxious and overthinking sign, taking time out to recharge in the solace of the natural world does them a whole lot of good," Clare says.


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As an earth sign, and probably the most grounded of the zodiac, Taurus takes any chance they get to be outside. Some of their favorite hobbies include gardening and simply spending time in nature.

"Taurus is the hippy flower child type of outdoorsy person who wants to stroll through the meadow making a crown out of daisies," Loftis says.

While their love for the outdoors is a big part of their personality, they're going to stick to activities and places they know and love. They aren't the biggest fans of change and trying something outside their comfort zone isn't their cup of tea.

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Sagittarius loves nothing more than expanding their horizons, and they can't do that if they're staying inside. They're the most outdoorsy zodiac sign because "they have a natural wanderlust and a thirst for adventure that leads them to seek out new experiences," Clare says.

These fire signs are passionate and energetic, and truly love participating in any outdoor activity. Clare says they crave freedom and getting out into nature helps them satisfy those needs.

"Whether it's hiking, camping, or simply taking a walk in the park, Sagittarians thrive in outdoor environments where they can feel connected to the earth and roam freely," Clare says.

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