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The Zodiac Signs That Will Have the Most Fun Together, According to an Astrologer

Are you drawn to party animals like Aries? Or do you prefer hanging out with laid-back Virgos?

Whether you prefer to unwind with a cozy movie night or you like to dance the night away, when it's time to have fun, you need the right companion. And if you're not sure who to call up on your next night off, why not look to the stars for guidance? We asked Best Life's resident astrologer to share which zodiac signs will have the most fun together. Keep reading to find out who you'll best enjoy spending time with—and who might leave you wanting to run home.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, lifestyle writer, and artist. She writes horoscopes for USA TODAY and pens columns for Best Life, InStyle, StyleCaster, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest, among others. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Leo

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Aries is a feisty, independent thrill-seeker. You like to party just as hard as you work, because what's all the success worth if you don't give yourself time to enjoy it?

And your favorite way to have fun usually involves going out and putting on a big show, which is why you'll hit it off with Leo.

This fellow fire sign is known for being exuberant and outgoing, which means they'll have no problem matching your energy. And Leos are some of the most loyal friends, so you can trust them to keep the details of your late-night adventures a secret.

Taurus: Pisces

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Laid-back Taurus keeps a tight inner circle. Your idea of a good time involves good food, good company, and good conversation.

And because you love to treat yourself, you're looking to have fun with someone who doesn't mind spending a little money on brunch or tickets to the ballet.

Enter Pisces. Equally easygoing, this sign will love how steadfast a friendship with Taurus is compared to other connections. These two signs are very understanding of each other's emotional needs and would rather sit and talk over a bottle of wine than go out partying.

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Gemini: Sagittarius

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Gemini is a free-spirited extrovert who likes to stay busy. Your social calendar is always packed with hobbies and hangouts, and your idea of having fun is laughing out loud with friends or even people you've just met.

That's why you'll have the best time with another offbeat and goofy sign like Sagittarius. Both of you love to have spirited conversations and can spend all night chatting away about everything and nothing.

You also feed off each other's impulsivity, which is what lands you in the most unreal and fun situations.

Cancer: Virgo

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Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac. Your idea of fun usually involves snuggling up on your couch and reading a good book. Surprisingly, you have a bit of a wild side in you—but only your most trusted friends get to see you let your hair down.

You're only looking for a few smart and loyal people to have in your inner circle, and Virgo checks all the boxes for your ideal friend.

Not only are Virgos charming and down-to-earth, but they know how to have a good time without all the drama. You can always trust that a night out with your Virgo pal will end with great photos and happy memories.

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Leo: Aquarius

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Leo is the rambunctious ringleader of any friend group. You can have a good time just about anywhere and with anyone.

You never get embarrassed or worry about whether or not you're being too much. And the people you have the most fun with have no problem leaving their inhibitions at the door.

That's why there's no better match than your zodiac sister sign Aquarius. For starters, you both feel the need to express your unique talents, senses of humor, and opinions. And Aquarius' open-minded personality means they'll accept you without question.

Virgo: Capricorn

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Virgos have high standards when it comes to who they spend time with. You're very self-assured, so you know what you enjoy doing and what leaves you feeling bored. And you're drawn to people who understand and respect your boundaries.

Your idea of a fun night is a dinner party, swapping stories with close friends. Fellow earth sign Capricorn can embrace this leisurely lifestyle with you.

Not only do you share similarly practical ideals and values with Capricorn, but their smart sense of humor will leave you in stitches every time you meet up.

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Libra: Gemini

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Libras love to have fun and bring people together, so you're the friend who's always in charge of making plans.

But this can get a little overwhelming at times, which is why a social butterfly like Gemini can take some of the pressure off and allow you to enjoy the fun.

Friendship with a Gemini is full of silly text messages and last-minute plans. You'll appreciate the spontaneity and free-spirited vibe they bring, and they'll love that you're always down to try their out-of-the-box ideas.

Scorpio: Scorpio

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Scorpio gets called the most mysterious sign of the zodiac for a good reason. You're certainly the best at keeping secrets and only letting people know what you want them to.

There's an entire side of your personality that most people never get to see, which is why you'll have the most fun with someone who can embrace your complex nature and be trusted to keep all your secrets once the party ends—and really only a fellow Scorpio will do.

Around other Scorpios, you'll be able to let down your serious and stoic wall and let loose.

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Sagittarius: Aries

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Sagittarians are witty, charming, and adventurous. It doesn't take much convincing for you to try something new, so you easily make connections with people and find yourself becoming the life of the party.

That's why you always have a good time with confident and outspoken signs like Aries. You're inspired by the leadership Aries provides, while Aries feels emboldened by your lighthearted and upbeat energy.

You two can get into a lot of trouble together, but you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Capricorn: Taurus

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Capricorn has a reputation for being too serious and boring, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Behind your polished persona lies a rebel looking to let loose. You love playing your rock music too loud, staying out late, and maybe even getting a secret tattoo nobody knows about.

You'll have the most fun with a sign that's similar. Taurus is also a grounded earth sign, but they know when to be a little ridiculous. The two of you are not only reliable and trustworthy, but you both like to have fun—in moderation.

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Aquarius: Libra

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Aquarius likes being known as the eccentric one, and that means your idea of having fun looks a little different to most. You prefer trying new experiences and connecting with people who have all different backgrounds. So, you'll have the most fun with other extroverts.

Aquarius and Libra might seem like opposites at first, but you'd be surprised how well these air signs click.

Aquarius likes that Libra is a good conversationalist and mindful of other people's perspectives, and Libra enjoys Aquarius' unique approach to forming bonds.

Pisces: Cancer

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Pisces is the creative and compassionate dreamer of the bunch. Your energy attracts people from all walks of life, and the best part is that you genuinely enjoy every connection you make in its own special way.

But the people you have the most fun with are the ones who are emotionally tuned into your thoughts and feelings. You're looking for a non-judgemental friend who just gets it, and nobody matches that description better than Cancer.

You're both highly sensitive signs, so you'll always look out for each other and ensure the other is having fun.

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