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The Most High-Maintenance Zodiac Sign, According To Astrologers

Whether they want money, praise, or success—these folks require a lot of time and attention.

Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner flipped out when you didn't answer your phone right away? Or maybe you have a friend who will only wear high-end brands. There are many people out there who can be unreasonably uptight when they don't get their needs met, and it turns out your horoscope could be to blame. According to astrologers, these are the six most high-maintenance zodiac signs, from a tad inflexible to downright demanding.

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This passionate water sign can be demanding when they want something, and Scorpio women in particular are "fiercely independent and driven," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense. "Scorpios are by nature pretty stubborn and set in their ways; this means their desires and wishes are pretty inflexible."

As a secretive and mysterious sign themselves, Scorpios are also inherently untrusting of others, a high-maintenance behavior that is especially problematic in their romantic partnerships. "When they discover a solid enough excuse to act on their possessive or jealous tendencies, they will not back down, and there will be no stopping them," says Emily Newman, an astrologist at Best of Psychic Reader.


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Capricorns are the most hardworking zodiac sign, and their driven nature has them raising the bar day in and day out—for themselves and others.

"They are… determined and ambitious souls who naturally want to see these same qualities reflected in a partner," explains Clare. "They place emphasis on money and success, and won't stop until both they and their partner are making strides in this area." Sure, having a boss with this personality can be frustrating, but being in a relationship with a Capricorn can feel truly exhausting.

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Lovely Leos are confident in everything they do, whether it's leading a corporate meeting or initiating an impromptu karaoke session at a party. But their need for attention can oftentimes become too much to handle.

"This bold and egocentric fire sign thrives off being the most adored and most respected person in the room, meaning they have no fear in making demands and laying out the law of the land," says Clare.

"Even in relationships, they expect complete attention," adds Newman, which can quickly make their partner feel unheard or even resentful.


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While we all enjoy extravagant vacations and designer duds from time to time, Tauruses take materialism to a whole new level and are "obsessed [with] all things luxury," according to Clare. "[They] only feel worthy when decked out in the best of the best. Friends, family, and potential partners alike will therefore find it hard to keep up with Taurus' demands," says Clare.

Good luck finding this stubborn sign a birthday gift that lives up to their standards or inviting them to a casual pizza joint for dinner—don't say we didn't warn you!

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The perfectionists of the zodiac want everything to go their way, from simple things like having the just-right outfit for a party to larger life moments such as their partner impressing their parents when they first meet. Their high standards for themselves and others put this earth sign in second place for being the most high-maintenance.

"It's not unlikely that a Virgo will ask their partner for help and then complain that their partner isn't doing it right," says Newman. "They cannot handle slow absent-minded [people] and have high standards for everything."

Newman adds that if someone isn't grateful for a Virgo's efforts, they'll be less inclined to help them in the future. This applies to romantic relationships, work settings, and even friend groups.


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Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac, always looking to take care of friends and family. But their highly-emotional nature means that they might also "require constant attention" in return, notes Newman.

"They are clingy and possessive, often feeling insecure and too sensitive," Newman adds. "If their partner does not respond to their call or text in time, it can disturb them greatly. Even if Cancer knows their partner is in the middle of some work, they still get too upset."

Being overly sensitive can also cause Cancers to seek constant validation at work or expect their friends to prop them up when they're down.

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