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The Most Unpredictable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'll accept a promotion one day, then quit their job the next.

No matter how hard you try, you can't predict anyone's behavior. Of course, some people make it easier to do than others. They stick to the same daily routine, rarely go outside their comfort zone, and are generally creatures of habit. Others, however, will throw you for a loop if you dare guess what they'll do next. Each time you check in with them, they've got a new job, a new five-year plan, and a new outlook on life (and who's to say if it's for the better or worse?). Those people might share a horoscope sign. Here, astrologers tell us the most unpredictable members of the zodiac, from the slightly flighty to the extremely erratic.

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This sign isn't afraid to do something totally unique. And because of that, they can be somewhat unpredictable.

"Aquarians are known for their eccentric and unconventional ways, and they often march to the beat of their own drum," says Liz Roby, professional astrologer of Astrologify. "They have a strong independent streak and aren't afraid to go against the grain, which can make them a bit hard to predict at times."

Don't be surprised if they play devil's advocate at your next dinner party to shake things up.


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This fiery sign, ruled by the sun, can be prone to mood swings and temper tantrums, adding a bit of unpredictability to its nature.

"Reading Leo's mind is challenging—they could be joyful one second and furious the next," says Charette Vachon, astrologer and tarot reader. "You have little chance of predicting Leo's next move, let alone their future decisions."

Fortunately, this unpredictability is part of their charm. Sit back and relax as they woo everyone at your next party with a surprise performance, or decide to craft a show-stopping Halloween costume the morning of October 31.

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Scorpios have a strong intuition, and while they're in tune with themselves, they don't reveal those inner feelings to the world. So, while it might seem like they're making a decision on a whim, they likely have thought about it in depth.

"These are soft-hearted and generous individuals, yet it is frequently tough to understand them—they are just as unpredictable as the wind," says Vachon. "They desire to suit themselves, which is why they are very unpredictable. The majority of the time, it is about them and their life."

If a Scorpio decides something no longer suits their needs, they'll change course instantly.


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Aries enjoys being the best at everything. And often, getting there requires snap decisions.

"Those with the sun sign of Aries are known to be competitive with a strong initiative to succeed and conquer," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "On their very focused path to being first and number one, they consistently take action before thinking things through."

Many decisions they land on are made in haste—and, in turn, are difficult to predict even by those who know them best.

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Sagittarians are the world travelers of the zodiac, never content to sit still for long. They're unpredictable in the most fun way—most of the time.

"The playful individuals of this energetic astrological sign are genuinely friendly, outgoing, jovial, and optimistic, and they bring an aura of unpredictability to everything they do," says Berry. "This is mostly based on the fact [that they're] ruled by the planet Jupiter, which provides expansive quality to this fire sign."

However, Saggies often speak and move before they think, which makes them somewhat of a wild card.


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You're probably not surprised that a sign represented by twins is the most unpredictable.

"A Gemini has a basic personality that's adaptable and alert, which gives them the ability to handle different projects or situations," says Berry. "They have the energetic combination of a thinking air sign along with being ruled by the communication planet of Mercury; because of this, they are always involved in several things at once, having a hard time focusing on just one of them by jumping from one interest to another."

They'll be focused on ballet one week, learning Spanish the next, and climbing the career ladder the next. If you lose touch with them for even a few months, you may be shocked to hear where they land by the time you catch up.

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