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The Sneakiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Their manipulation skills are off the charts.

We all have times when we keep our cards close to our chest. Maybe you don't tell your best work friend that you've been interviewing for other jobs until it's a done deal. Or perhaps you clear your internet history when you've been searching for a gift for your significant other. Fortunately, these occasional acts of omission are harmless. However, it's a cold hard truth that some people are sneakier than snakes—and it might have something to do with astrology. Read on to discover the six sneakiest zodiac signs, from the slightly sly to the deviously disingenuous.

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Because they're known for being nurturing and sensitive, you may have assumed Cancers would be above acting sly—but you'd be wrong. In fact, it's their natural empathy that lands them on this list.

"Sometimes their dark side wins, intuitively knowing what to do or say to sneakily get their way," shares Tara Bennet, an astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach.

"They truly believe in the phrase 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer,'" adds professional astrologer Crescent. Even if a Cancer dislikes you, they may put up a friendly front to avoid conflict or to stay on your good side should they ever need a favor.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about the Cancers in your life acting with malicious intent; for the most part, their sneakiness is benign.


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Aquarius is one of the smartest zodiac signs, but as Bennet notes, this means their "brain never rests."

Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, explains that Aquarius often makes decisions long before they take any external action.

"They know they're going to leave their partners months before they do it and agree with themselves to hand in their resignations at the first sign of trouble," she says to exemplify this point. "Having all that information but waiting on the conditions to be perfect amounts to being sneaky at times."

As Bennet puts it, "They'll silently plan their every move, like a thoughtfully played chess game."

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Like their fellow air signs, Libras are expert communicators, but they sometimes have an ulterior motive.

"Represented by the scales, Libras weigh up everything. If they feel shortchanged, their sneaky side will surface," shares Bennet. "Carefully calibrating their actions and words, they'll manipulate others to get what they already see as theirs."

However, don't expect your Libra pal to be engaging in sneaky behavior on the regular. For one, they simply don't like confrontation or drama. And also, they'll be able to handle most situations without scheming.

"Libra has enough people skills not to need sneakiness as a tactic," confirms professional astrologer Lisa Gordon.


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"On the surface, Pisces is all sweetness and light, but underneath they have a darker side," cautions Bennet.

Just like Cancer, they're naturally empathetic, so much so that they often absorb the emotions of others and get mixed up between reality and their imaginative fantasies.

"They are dangerous because they also manage to lie to themselves, to the point that they genuinely believe they're doing nothing wrong in the first place," explains astrologer Virginia Castiglione.

So, while they may not realize they're harming others by entangling them in their web of lies, innocent bystanders may get burned. When dealing with a sneaky Pisces, trust your gut: If you think they're feeding you something false, you're probably right.

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The sign of the twins "are gifted communicators," says Bennet, who adds that Geminis are "quick-thinking and silver-tongued." This is fortunate for them since, as the zodiac's social gossipers, they often have to be sneaky out of necessity.

"They'll have two sets of friends who dislike each other, two favorite aunties who are sworn rivals, and very likely two separate spouses," says Honigman. "So, they've got to do a fair bit of sneaking around or too many people would be upset."

You'll want to stay alert when you engage with a Gemini, especially if you're their close friend or partner.

"They have the gift of gab and can create a story that anyone will believe," warns professional astrologer Katherine Metcalf.


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Nothing is as it seems when you're dealing with a Scorpio. They're "ruled by Mars, the planet of action, but that plays out more passively," says Crescent. "Scorpios work best behind the scenes—they're the embodiment of moving in silence."

At the same time, Scorpios are protective, measured, and distrustful of others. "That makes them feel that sneakiness is necessary as a tool in life," says Gordon.

They're also easily peeved and seek retribution on the regular—so when a Scorpio is out to get you, nothing will stop them. "If this includes doing something behind someone's back, they are capable of sinking that low," shares coach and astrologer Linda Berry.

Just like their earthly representative—the scorpion—this sign's sting burns.

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