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The Most Fun Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You'll never be bored or feel blah when these people are around.

We all have that one friend who can take a dull get-together and turn it into a roaring celebration just by showing up. Whether they're leading a round of karaoke or simply telling stories that have everyone in stitches, they could never be considered boring—and their horoscope may be behind their infectious energy. Ahead, hear from astrologers about the most fun zodiac signs, from pleasant extroverts to exuberant party animals.

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If we had to compare Scorpio to a TV series, it would be The White Lotus—not a show that'll have you doubled over with laughter but rather chuckling at its dark comedy.

"Scorpio has a very sarcastic, dark humor," notes author and astrologer Lisa Barretta. "One must always wonder if they are serious or about to tell you where the bodies are buried."

Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical, adds that Scorpio's famous intensity also lends to their unexpected fun nature: "Whatever interests a Scorpio, you can be sure they're doing it with enthusiasm, passion, and intensity, which makes them uber-fun to be around."


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Aquarians are often in their own little world. But once they let you into it, you'll be hooked on their quirky and eccentric spirit.

"They usually have the most unique and descriptive way of telling a story that is peppered with sound effects, mimicked voices, and complete character descriptions," shares Barretta.

This free-spirited sign isn't one to go out on the town often, but when they do, they're down for anything. "The adventurous water-bearer represents the all-night partygoers, the ones who won't stop until the sun's peeking over the horizon," Kirsten explains.

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Aries is the first of the three fire signs to make it onto this list. "Their fiery, passionate nature makes them eager to try new experiences and live life to its full potential," explains Bella Nguen, an astrology columnist at Indielogy Magazine, of the trio.

According to Kirsten, Aries are "known for their goofy, light-hearted nature" and their ability to bring a bit of good-humored levity to difficult situations. They love telling stories and can make any event, even an after-work happy hour, feel like a true fête.

However, do be warned that this often equates to Aries constantly wanting the spotlight. But as long as you let the Aries in your life make the decisions on what to do and where to go, they'll stay in good spirits.


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Is it any surprise that the most social zodiac sign is also one of the most fun? Because of Geminis' duality, they find it easy to fit into any social setting and are not afraid to strike up conversations with new people.

"Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini prides itself on its ability to connect with people and turn the most mundane conversation into something witty and memorable," says Kirsten.

The only issue you may have is pinning down your Gemini friend. That same zest for life means they're easily bored and, in turn, notoriously unreliable. But get them in a room, and you won't stop laughing.

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Like Aries, Leo is a fire sign that wants all eyes on them—but as long as you don't want the spotlight yourself, you'll love having them around.

"Leos are natural entertainers," notes Barretta. "Their love of the limelight puts them at center stage and they will make you laugh because of their over-dramatization when telling a story."

Though they love a good party, Leos are just as good of a time in more intimate settings. "Their natural charisma draws people to them, allowing Leos to effortlessly create excitement," says Nguen. "Their warmth and generosity also endear them to others."


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Want a skydiving partner or a road trip buddy? "The fun-loving, wanderlust-driven sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius knows how to say 'yes' to adventure and excitement," says Kirsten.

She adds that this sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of exploration, so they're constantly seeking out "the next big thing that's going to make their life more interesting and enjoyable."

Barretta also notes that Sagittarius "knows how to laugh at themselves and has no problem making a joke out of even the most serious of situations." They're a little bit clumsy and silly, but that's all the more reason you're bound to have fun when they're around.

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