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The Sneakers You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

An astrologer shares what new kicks will make you truly shine, according to the stars.

They say the shoes make the outfit. And there's no footwear more iconic than the classic sneaker. Comfortable, durable, and stylish—it's easy to see why sneakers have become a closet staple over the years. Whether you style them casually with a pair of jeans or dress them up with a suit or a stylish sundress, a trusty pair of sneakers is a must. And if you're looking to finally replace your old pair in favor or something new, you've come to the right place. We've got the 411 on which sneaker best suit each zodiac sign, so keep reading to discover your star-crossed style.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, writer, and podcast host. She writes horoscopes for USA TODAY and works as a columnist for Best Life, InStyle, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest, among others. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Athletic Sneakers

running shoes

When it comes to personal style, Aries likes to go big and bold. You're somebody who wants to make a great first impression, so you never miss a chance to dress to the nines.

"Aries look for bold and bright colors, with a design that is both functional and will also attract attention," says professional astrologer and author Maggie Wilson.

Aries are also very active and on-the-go people. So a pair of sneakers that can keep up with your fast paced lifestyle is non-negotiable. That's why we recommend snagging a pair of athletic sneakers like New Balances or Adidas for your collection. These shoes offer support and style, so you can take on the world and look good doing it.

Taurus: Leather Sneakers

modern leather sneakers
iStock / SrdjanPav

Tauruses are loyal people who are also lovers of luxury and quality goods. So, they're not one to stray from their favorite brands. In fact, Taurus, once you find an item or piece of clothing you like, you'll like to stick with it as long as you can or buy multiple versions of it. You have a clearly defined sense of style, so your sneakers need to measure up in quality and design.

"Taurus is an earthy and grounded sign, so a pair of sneakers that are comfortable and practical would be perfect," Wilson says. And you can't go wrong with sneakers that are made of natural materials like leather or suede. Sleek and chic—you can pair leather sneakers with any outfit for an effortlessly cool look.

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Gemini: Retro Sneakers

retro sneakers
iStock / Liudmila Chernetska

Geminis love trying new things. Your sense of style has the same fun and whimsical vibe as the rest of your personality. You're not someone who always needs the newest or latest things to feel fashionable. In fact, you love turning up in something totally unexpected. That's why you should hit the thrift or your favorite reseller site to snag some retro sneakers second-hand.

Geminis also love playful fashion, so don't be afraid to snag something with an unexpected pattern or pop of color for some added flair. "Gemini is a sign that values versatility and adaptability, so a pair of sneakers that can be worn in a variety of situations would be ideal," says Wilson explains.

Cancer: Slip-On Sneakers

slide on sneakers
Shutterstock / Nadya Korobkova

Cancer is a sign that values comfort, so Wilson recommends looking for sneakers that have plenty of arch support and cushioning, as well as a design that is both stylish and practical.

"No one needs to be in their feelings because their shoes hurt," Wilson says. That's why we recommend opting for a pair of slip-on sneakers. These low-profile and minimalist shoes come in all colors–so you can swap out pairs to match your outfit every day of the week. Plus, the slip-on style is perfect for kicking off your shoes the moment you get home, so you can unwind and relax faster. Perfect!

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Leo: High Top Sneakers

high top sneakers

Leo loves to go over-the-top in life, and your personal style is no different. For you, fashion is an extension of your creative side—and every day is a chance to turn the world into your own personal fashion show.

"Leo is a sign that values attention and admiration, so a pair of sneakers that are bold and flashy would be ideal," Wilson explains. Look for sneakers that have an eye-catching design, with a bright and colorful color scheme. Bigger is always better for you, which is why a pair of high top sneakers will make the perfect addition to your closet.

Virgo: Cross Trainers

cross trainer sneakers
iStock / Jay Yuno

Virgos are known for having a keen eye for the details and elevated taste. You're not impressed by passing trends and luxury logos. For you, every item of your wardrobe is an investment.

"Virgo is a sign that values practicality and functionality, so a pair of sneakers that are both comfortable and practical would be perfect," says Wilson.

Look for sneakers with a simple and classic design like a sleek pair of cross trainers from All Birds. Not only do these sneakers have a clean minimalist look, they'll also give you plenty of support while you tackle your day.

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Libra: Velcro Sneakers

velcro shoes
Shutterstock / Artgray

Libra is a tastemaker and a trendsetter in fashion. You love staying up to date on what's hot and what's not—and putting your own spin on things. So, look for designer sneakers that have a unique and eye-catching design.

"Libra is a sign that values balance and beauty, so they can opt for a pair of sneakers that are both stylish and functional," says Wilson. Only someone who is fearless in fashion can pull off a pair of velcro sneakers like ones from Isabel Marant or Veja–which is why they're perfect for you. This retro style is making a big comeback, and with it plenty of chic styles for you to mix-up your wardrobe with.

Scorpio: Chunky Sneakers

iStock / Sergiy Akhundov

When it comes to fashion, Scorpios have a very particular style. You're a lover of dramatic silhouettes with an edgy vibe that keeps people guessing.

"Scorpio is a sign that values intensity and passion, so a pair of sneakers that have a strong and powerful design would be perfect," says Wilson.

Even something as everyday as a pair of sneakers has the potential to turn into a major fashion moment with a Scorpio. And if you're looking for shoes to keep you a step ahead of the rest, we recommend a pair of chunky sneakers. You could grab them in your favorite color (black) or snag a pair with a pop of color to keep things interesting.

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Sagittarius: Hiking Sneakers

hiking sneakers
iStock / PeopleImages

Sagittarius love to have fun with fashion–while still keeping things functional. You like to express yourself with unusual style choices and bold colors. And while you do clean up nicely, you'll never let your clothing choices get in the way of your ambition.

"Sagittarius is a sign that values adventure and exploration, so they can opt for a pair of sneakers that are both comfortable and durable would be ideal," Wilson says.

Look for sneakers that have a rugged and outdoorsy design like a pair of hiking sneakers like HOKAs or Merrells. These durable shoes can withstand whatever you put them through, and will keep you supported every step of the way.

Capricorn: Dress Sneakers

dress sneakers
iStock / Tatiana

Capricorns have a very traditional style that is always classic and never tacky. You take pride in how you look and you'll go to great lengths to ensure you're always pulled together. Quality is the most important factor for you when selecting items for your wardrobe, so you're not afraid to splurge if it means getting exactly what you want.

"Capricorn is a sign that values tradition and stability, so a pair of sneakers that have a classic and timeless design would be perfect," Wilson explains.

Look for shoes that are made of high-quality materials like the kind found in a pair of dress sneakers like Achilles or from Reiss. Made with leather and built to last, you'll look and feel like a million bucks.

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Aquarius: Skate Sneakers

retro skate sneakers
iStock / Oleksandr Shatyrov

Aquarius loves to rebel against the expected. So, it's no surprise that you're a bit of a rule-breaker when it comes to fashion. You throw conventional wisdom out the window, preferring to mix and match old styles to find something new.

"Aquarius is a sign that values individuality and innovation, so choose a pair of sneakers that have a unique and cutting-edge design," Wilson says.

The perfect pair for you will show others that you don't play by the rules, and give you a chance to show off your wild side. That's why you need a pair of skate sneakers like Vans or Converse to help kick your style up a notch.

Pisces: Canvas Sneakers

canvas sneakers
iStock / Ales_Utovko

Pisces are the artists of the zodiac, so your fashion sense tends to be more on the whimsical side. You love soft color palettes, youthful designs, and anything outside the expected.

"Pisces is a sign that values creativity and fantasy, so go with a pair of sneakers that have a dreamy and imaginative vibe," Wilson says.

And what better starting point for all of your creative outfit ideas than a pair of canvas sneakers? These crisp white sneakers made the perfect blank slate to style an outfit around. Or you can work your magic with some markers and paints to make them truly your own. Whatever you decide, these canvas sneakers can handle it.

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