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The Boots You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

From cowboy boots to leather booties, an astrologer shares her winter footwear recommendations.

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do! But boots aren't only a practical footwear choice; they're also a super stylish addition to any fall or winter outfit. With so many styles to choose from, though, it can be a struggle to decide which pairs to add to your wardrobe. So, we spoke with Best Life's resident astrologer to give us her cosmic recommendations for the boots you should wear, based on your zodiac sign. Will you feel your best in a trendy ankle boot or is a classic Chelsea boot more your speed? Keep reading to find out.

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Lauren Ash is a celebrity astrologer and lifestyle writer. She writes horoscopes for Best Life and USA Today, and hosts the weekly astrology and pop culture podcast Birth Chart Pls. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Knee-High Boots

Close up of a woman's legs wearing jeans and black knee-high boots with orange leaves on the ground.
Voyagerix / Shutterstock

Aries like to take risks. And your sense of style is no exception, which means bold patterns and bright colors always find their way into your wardrobe. And when it comes to the perfect pair of shoes to match your aesthetic, nothing makes a statement quite like a pair of knee-high boots. Whether you pair them with your favorite going-out dress or wear them over your best pair of skinny jeans, you'll be sure to turn heads.

Taurus: Chelsea Boots

young woman wearing chelsea boots
iStock / Anastasia Monastyrska

Tauruses love luxury more than any other sign, which means your sense of style is more elevated than most. You like to invest in high-quality pieces that will last a long time and look chic regardless of what the trend cycle is doing. That's why you can't go wrong with a classic Chelsea boot. They first stepped onto the scene in the 1950s and have been a fashion staple ever since. Made for any type of weather, these easy-to-style boots will quickly become a must-have in your style rotation.

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Gemini: Lace-Up Boots

Female legs wearing white fashion boots with laces.
iStock / MykolaSenyuk

As the zodiac's most indecisive sign, you're always switching up your fashion choices, Gemini. Your wardrobe consists of classic silhouettes and funky pieces, both of which you style to match your outgoing personality. Because your clothing is so varied, a sensible pair of shoes that goes with anything is the smartest choice for you. A pair of versatile and stylish laced-front boots are sure to become your go-to for every occasion.

Cancer: Shearling Boots

The girl in the mall wearing shearling lined leather boots
iStock / jenyhanter

Cancers like to keep it cozy, but that doesn't mean your style isn't sophisticated in its own right. You prefer a mix of soft colors and fabrics, with a bit of a romantic touch. And if you can stay comfortable while still turning heads, even better! Warm and fluffy shearling boots feel more like slippers but will match all your favorite cold-weather outfits. And as the homebody of the zodiac, you can even opt to wear them around the house with your favorite PJs.

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Leo: Cowboy Boots

young woman wearing cowboy boots
iStock / Yasin Ozturk

As the zodiac's extroverted party animal, you're not afraid to make a bold fashion choice, Leo. Bright colors and unique prints are some of your favorite fashion statements—not to mention the occasional animal print. The more heads you turn, the better. That's why Cowboy boots will have you strutting your stuff like there's no tomorrow. They're also practical enough to stand up to an impromptu dance competition or karaoke night.

Virgo: Riding Boots

Woman sitting on stairs and fasten zipper on her leather boots.
iStock / Zbynek Pospisil

Virgos have an eye for the details. You'll never catch the zodiac's biggest perfectionist looking unkempt or frazzled. Every choice you make is carefully thought out, which is why you always manage to pull together an outfit that exudes confidence and appears effortless. Classic leather riding boots can be worn with almost any outfit for any occasion, making them the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.

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Libra: Ankle Booties

Close up of a woman's legs walking along the street in black python ankle boots.
fortton / iStock

Fun-loving Libras like to get a little adventurous with fashion. You're an effortless socialite who's always looking to mix and mingle, so your style tends to reflect that sophisticated charisma with simple silhouettes and chic statement pieces. The best boots for you will be suited for any occasion, whether you're showing off in the boardroom or hopping on the train to meet your friends for drinks. A posh pair of ankle boots looks fashionable with anything from a simple work dress to trendy jeans.

Scorpio: Combat Boots

Classic black leather boots
iStock / Cineberg

Scorpios have a reputation for being the cool and unbothered ones of the zodiac. You do have an air of mystery about you, which might have something to do with the fact that you love wearing the color black. You're all about fashionable functionality, but you're also known to mix hard and soft pieces to create a unique look. The timeless combat boot can be worn with skirts, pants, or whatever else your creative mind can dream up.

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Sagittarius: Hiking Boots

person tucking pants into hiking boots
Shutterstock / David Prahl

Sagittarians are thrill-seeking adventurers, and your fun-loving side extends to your clothing choices. For you, fashion is a way of showing others how bright and colorful you are. And because you're always jet-setting around the world, you need to have functional pieces that can be easily tossed in an overnight bag. Hiking boots are not only comfortable, but they'll work whether you're going on a hike or walking around a new city all day.

Capricorn: Moto Boots

Woman wearing trench coat sitting on staircase and tying shoelace on her ankle boot. Autumn fashion collection. Trendy black leather shoe. Street style
iStock / Zbynek Pospisil

Capricorns are all about practicality. You prefer to spend your hard-earned money on quality pieces of clothing that you can enjoy for years to come. You also opt for neutral colors so that all of your pieces can be worn interchangeably. That's why a pair of classic moto boots are the best fit for you. They've been a staple of the fashion world for decades and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Plus, they give you a chance to add a bit of edge to even the simplest outfit.

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Aquarius: Desert Boots

Close up of a man's feet in red suede desert boots
SrdjanPav / iStock

Aquarians are the fun and funky rebels of the zodiac. You don't like to wear things that anyone can buy off the rack, and you're always on the hunt for unique pieces. Because your fashion tastes skew so avant-garde, keeping your shoe choices neutral allows you to really let your wild side out. And a pair of desert boots provide the perfect foundation for whatever eccentric outfit you cook up next.

Pisces: Wellingtons

Woman with dark red rubber boots jumping in puddle
iStock / Irina Shatilova

Pisces are the imaginative dreamers of the zodiac, and you like to dress like you're living in a fairytale. Soft, romantic silhouettes and pastel colors always seem to bring a smile to your face. For somebody who's not afraid to weather the storm and get their feet wet to experience all life has to offer, rubber rainboots make the perfect fit for you. From cloudy skies to bright days, you'll be equipped to handle whatever the world throws at you.

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