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The Sweater You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Cozy up with these fashion recommendations from an astrologer.

Whether you like to keep things classic with a cashmere turtleneck or get a little crazy with a brightly colored cardigan, we can probably all agree that no wardrobe is complete without a set of cozy sweaters. They keep us warm in the winter, act as evening outwear in the summer, and are perfect for snuggling up during a night in. To help you decide which type to add to your closet, we asked Best Life's resident astrologer to recommend the sweater you should wear, based on your zodiac sign. Read on to see yours.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, writer, and podcast host. She writes horoscopes for USA TODAY and works as a columnist for Best Life, InStyle, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Cowl Neck Sweater

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Aries are the independent, risk-takers of the zodiac. You have a lot of confidence, and you're not afraid to put yourself out there if it means getting recognition for your efforts.

Your enthusiasm for life and relentless desire to succeed means you need to wear something eye-catching, like a bold cowl neck sweater. This classic design will have you feeling ready for any occasion, and the flirty silhouette is sure to give you the main character moment you're looking for.

Taurus: Cashmere Sweater

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Tauruses value comfort and quality over everything else–so you're not likely to be swayed by what's trendy at the moment. You'll never buy the off-brand or budget version of an item you really want; you have the patience to save your money so you can splurge on the high-end items you know you'll love.

For this reason, nothing makes more sense than the ultimate luxury item—a classic cashmere sweater. Soft as can be and made of high-quality fibers, this timeless wardrobe staple will never go out of style. And if you care for it properly, it'll last for decades.

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Gemini: Cardigan

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Geminis are bubbly and vivacious. You like to experiment with your style and are known to mix and match pieces to create outfits that'll do double duty as conversation starters at your many social gatherings.

That's why we recommend stocking your closet with a collection of cardigans. They're a fun and lightweight option for those days when you want to dress up your outfit but avoid bulky items. And you can grab one in every color of the rainbow to keep your options open.

Cancer: Wool Sweater

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Cancers are known for having sweet and down-to-earth personalities. You're a lover of all things soft, cozy, and comfy, but you don't sacrifice style.

You're a big fan of luxurious fabrics and softer silhouettes, which is why a classic wool sweater will make a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Wear it to stay warm when you go out with friends or throw it on for your favorite type of evening—a night snuggled at home on the couch (you are the homebody of the zodiac, after all).

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Leo: Chunky Sweater

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Bold, confident, and unafraid to make a scene, Leos have some of the most creative fashion senses around. You're always dressed to impress, and you prefer bright colors that bring out your extroverted personality.

Therefore, grab a chunky, oversized sweater in a show-stopping color. It's a great way to draw attention to your look without having to pile on the accessories. Daring but not too outrageous, this sweater will turn heads every time you walk into a room.

Virgo: Cable Knit Sweater

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Virgos are known for their good taste and timeless style. You have an eye for the small details, which means you're very selective about what you purchase and wear. You also have a busy lifestyle, so you prefer to streamline things by keeping your closet simple and classy.

The next time you're adding to your capsule wardrobe, we recommend a classic cable knit sweater. You can find them in so many colors and styles—and you don't need to reinvent the wheel to look good.

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Libra: V-Neck Sweater

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Libras are the fun-loving socialites of the zodiac. Life is short and meant to be enjoyed, so you don't mind splurging on big-ticket items if they really suit you, especially if they can balance things out and go from work to play.

A V-neck sweater is one of the most transitional pieces you can add to your closet. It works for multiple occasions and gives you room to accessorize with your favorite jewelry or scarf.

Scorpio: Turtleneck

A smiling woman on a city street wearing a black turtleneck.
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Scorpio is known for being a bit brooding and closed-off, but you've got a sultry side as well. You're a fan of clothing that adds to your mysterious aura, and you often mix soft and hard pieces to create a unique look.

That's why we recommend a classic black turtleneck. This sweater looks unassuming at first, but its snug fit and flattering silhouette can be paired with just about any outfit. Wear it under a blazer for something polished or with your best denim for a night out.

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Sagittarius: Pom Pom Sweater

Woman snuggling up in a blue pom-pom sweater.
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Sagittarius is the out-of-the-box extrovert of the zodiac who's constantly seeking out new adventures. Because you're always on the move, your fashion choices depend a lot on your current location. But one thing that never changes is your larger-than-life style full of loud colors and funky prints.

A pom-pom sweater is just as durable and warm as any other, so it'll stand up to the elements and your active lifestyle. But its playful design will ensure you stand out from the crowd and will look great in your Instagram photos.

Capricorn: Crew Neck Sweater

Portrait of a smiling man wearing a crewneck sweater
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Capricorns have very selective tastes. You pride yourself on looking pulled together and prefer to stick with refined pieces. You're not swayed by designer labels and trends; you want to feel confident in what you're wearing and like neutral tones and timeless silhouettes.

You can't go wrong with a versatile crew neck sweater in your collection. Wear it on its own for a date or layer it with a button-down shirt for the office. There will be no guesswork in getting ready—just how you like it.

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Aquarius: Sweater Vest

young black man in a checkered sweater vest
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Aquarians are known for their eccentric personalities and sense of humor—so it's no wonder your style is a little bit wild. You like to mix and match bold patterns and turn heads with your personal spin on popular fashion trends.

Since it's not uncommon for you to wear thrifted or vintage clothing, we recommend a throwback sweater vest. Not only are they warm, soft, and comfortable, but they also come in a variety of colors and can be layered with almost anything to fit your one-of-a-kind style.

Pisces: Fisherman Sweater

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Pisces is the ethereal artist of the zodiac, and you view your style as a canvas for expressing yourself. Your fashion sense is a perfect reflection of your warm personality and has a dreamy feel to it.

The classic fisherman sweater (or Aran sweater) is so named because it was originally handmade of Irish wool by the wives of fishermen in the Aran Islands of Ireland. You'll appreciate the amount of work it took to create this sweater, and you'll be left daydreaming about its romantic origins.

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