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The Most Positive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

When life gives them lemons... they'll make lemonade for the whole neighborhood!

Look on the bright side; see the glass half full; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade—no matter how you say it, these are the ingrained mottos of positive people. Their favorite restaurant is closed? Great, it's an opportunity to try somewhere new! They sprained their ankle? How lucky that it wasn't broken! This mindset doesn't come naturally for everyone, and it turns out, one's birthdate might be the reason why. To learn more, keep reading to hear from professional astrologers about the six most positive zodiac signs, from pretty hopeful to overly optimistic.

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As the sign of the scales of justice, Libras have a reputation for being people pleasers. But Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical, says "peacemakers" is a better way to describe them.

Because Libras are always striving for harmony and balance, "they have a way of making everyone feel special and loved," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense. "They have a great sense of humor and can always lighten the mood with a well-timed joke or witty remark."

However, "a major catch-22" for this sign is that they often "put their own values and needs on the back burner," notes Kirsten.


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If there's one sign that can take a negative and turn it into a positive, it's independent and free-spirited Aquarius.

"The water bearer's ruler, Uranus, is responsible for heightened intelligence and out-of-the-box solutions," explains Marita Andreeva, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "So for an Aquarius, a mishap is a chance to go off the beaten track instead of ranting about how unfair their life is."

Psychic reader and astrologer Emily Newman points out that Aquarians do still worry, but "they try to be happy and navigate the situation quickly."

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Gemini is considered the social butterfly of the zodiac, and as Kirsten explains, their ability to adapt to any situation is one of their most positive traits.

"Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, they are quick thinkers and can easily adjust their plans on the fly," she says.

But this adaptability isn't reserved for social situations. "Instead of being overwhelmed by setbacks, they maintain a calm composure and create a detailed plan," explains Andreeva.


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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of "expansion, abundance, and good luck," notes Clare.

And this optimistic and adventurous outlook means "they have a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge" and a love of exploring new places and culture, Clare adds.

This sign's world-traveling ways mean they're able to go with the flow. "Sagittarius can handle even the greatest of obstacles with ease and grace," says Kirsten. "In fact, they secretly thrive on it."

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You might be wondering how the sign known for their bad temper made it so high on this list. But as Andreeva explains, when hit with a negative moment, they're quick to bounce back and put a smile on their face.

Kirsten adds that Aries is ruled by "feisty yet action-taking Mars," so their energy, enthusiasm, and ambition make them natural leaders who are "always up for a challenge and carry an unwavering confidence that truly lights up the room."

For these reasons, it's not surprising that Aries tend to be "entertainers, TV hosts, and sportsmen," says Andreeva.


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Naturally, the sign ruled by the sun is the most positive of the bunch. "The Sun represents vitality, warmth, and life-giving energy, and this influence is reflected in Leo's confident and charismatic nature," says Clare. "Their positive outlook and infectious energy make them a true ray of sunshine."

Andreeva points out that Leo also rules the fifth house of a person's birth chart, "which is in charge of love, children, creativity, fun and games, and all pleasure-centered things."

Feeling so happy and lively means that Leo has a strong "sense of self-worth [that] drives them to perform good deeds, give presents, and throw grand gestures," adds Andreeva. And the more positivity they put out there, the more joyous they become.

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