The Happiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

These people are always full of laughter and life.

Some people never let life get them down. These cheerful folks always offer a smile and a joke, even in situations that would easily upset others. It doesn't matter if they're dealing with serious trouble at work or standing in a crowded line at the airport, they never seem to be in a bad mood. If you've ever wondered why these untroubled people are so content, it could be written in the stars. Read on to discover the happiest zodiac signs, from predictably pleasant to always overjoyed.

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Sagittarians have a positive outlook and a love of adventure, which helps them stay smiling and open to new experiences. "Optimism fuels happiness and Sagittarians have this in buckets full," says astrologer Tara Bennet. "They look for a silver lining in every cloud and always see their glass as being half full." Sags love to keep the crowd laughing, and do this by telling clever jokes to lift spirits.

Astrologer Skye Alexander says their good moods come from being "ruled by Jupiter, the planet astrologers associate with good luck." This placement leads to optimism "often gained from fortunate circumstances in life, perhaps because they believe life is good and trust that all will be well." They're enthusiastic, intelligent, and funny, which benefits them and the people they're surrounded by.


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Leos are optimistic and enjoy life's lighter moments. "They wear their hearts on their sleeves and want to spread their own joy to those around them," Bennet explains. They'll work hard to find happiness and want their friends and family to experience the same joy. While they sometimes have a reputation for needing attention, they use this to their advantage to entertain. In fact, their desire to be the center of attention at all times leads to confidence and in turn joviality.

Alexander describes Leos as "self-confident individuals who wholeheartedly believe in themselves and their ability to succeed at whatever they choose to do in life." Because they're so charismatic, their sunny dispositions lead to a natural popularity.

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This passionate, confident fire sign is happiest when they're allowed to be in charge. Their can-do attitude means they only truly thrive when they're leading the pack. "These independent, self-motivated, and dynamic people know what they want and will do what's necessary to accomplish it," says Alexander.

Because they're so confident, Alexander guarantees "they aren't swayed by other people's rules, ideas, or desires so they can focus on what makes them happy." They're high-energy and fiery, making it easy for them to achieve their goals.


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Calm Libras are all about finding harmony and balance. To maintain their contentment, Bennet says they "avoid confrontations and situations that will put them off kilter and create a drama free and stable environment." Even if they're not overtly gleeful, they'll be content when it counts.

"Libras are grateful and happy when it comes to giving their time and help to those in need," says Spiritual Discovery Center Astrologer Linda Berry, who credits this to being ruled by the planet Venus. "Their idealistic personality lends to wanting to serve and make others happy in any way they can, especially when it concerns relationships close to them." Finding a balance doesn't just mean that they're happy, it means everyone around them is, too.

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Pisces are known to be emotional sponges, which means they soak up the energy of people around them. Because of this, they seek out fellow jolly friends. Bennet calls Pisces "a melting pot of emotion, who when surrounded by positive people, absorb their joy and energy."

As long as they're surrounded by like-minded pals, they'll think the glass is half full. Unlike their fellow water sign Cancer, they don't hold grudges. So even if something or someone upsets them, they'll quickly let it go like a wave in the ocean.


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Geminis know happiness is a choice and they choose it every time. Bennet describes this quick-witted water sign as "full of enthusiasm and excitement." This mercurial, curious sign is interested in everything and everyone, making every day seem like a new adventure.

Berry explains that life-of-the-party Geminis are so uplifting because their aim is establishing relationships, so "they have a strong sense of awareness and a keen ability to communicate which makes them very clever and entertaining."

According to Alexander, "If something doesn't feel good or make them happy, they dash off in search of something better." Because they're always on the move, they don't obsess over problems or get stuck in the past. Geminis love to smile and laugh which makes them a true joy to be around.

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