The Cake You Should Eat, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

From classic carrot cake to colorful funfetti, there's a baked sweet that'll hit the spot.

When you need a sugar fix, nothing hits the spot like a slice of your favorite cake. From weddings to birthdays to retirements and beyond, nothing puts the cherry on top of life's big moments like a festive cake. But you don't have to wait for a special occasion to indulge, which is why we tapped NYC-based author and astrologer Lisa Stardust to match each zodiac sign with the type of cake that best suits their tastes. Keep reading to see if you're more of a basic pound cake or a decadent red velvet cake.

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Aries: Cookie Cake

Chocolate chip cookie cake on white background
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Aries are known for being fiery and passionate, but there's a hidden sweet side to you that few get to see. Either way, though, you like trying new things and keeping people guessing what you'll do next. That's why the best cake for you isn't actually a cake!

"Aries' direct approach and confidence make it the perfect match for a cookie cake. Cut out all the fluff, and get right to the tasty heart of this dessert," says Stardust. "There's almost no limit to how you can customize a cookie cake, which is perfect for when Aries decides to try something new and adventurous."

Taurus: Pound Cake

Delicious pound cake
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Known for having impeccable taste and talent in the kitchen, Taurus is a tough sign to please when it comes to food. But since you're the grounded and sturdy one of the zodiac, you need a cake that can hold up against whatever you throw at it.

"Reliable Taurus turns to the traditional pound cake for guaranteed taste," shares Stardust. "Their sensual side suggests topping the cake with a light dusting of powdered sugar, light glaze, or a coat of icing. And if they're really feeling fancy, this vanilla cake pairs well with fresh fruit like raspberries or strawberries."

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Gemini: Devil's Food Cake

Homemade triple layer chocolate cake
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Geminis are known for being open-minded and flexible folks, which is why any of the choices on this list probably sound good to you. But since you get bored rather quickly, you need an exciting flavor to keep your attention.

"Geminis are deep and thoughtful. A rich chocolate cake like devil's food cake fits them perfectly," says Stardust. "This humorous sign will also delight in the chance to poke fun at their reputation for being troublemakers and give into temptation with this sinful treat."

Cancer: Ice Cream Cake

cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake with Chocolate Sauce and Crushed Almonds
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When it comes to their palates, Cancers are pretty predictable. The sweet and sentimental one of the zodiac, you like to stick with old-fashioned favorites that make you feel nice and cozy (and, in this case, help you get in touch with your inner child).

"Loyal Cancer goes for the tried-and-true classic ice cream cake for special celebrations," says Stardust. "This delightful combo takes the best of all your favorite nostalgic flavors and puts them together in one delicious bite."

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Leo: Strawberry Shortcake

Victoria sponge cake
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Life is one big party for Leo, which is why you might be expecting an over-the-top cake selection. But, on the inside, these energetic and extroverted Lions are delicate softies.

"Loving and big-hearted Leos love strawberry sponge cake—light and fluffy to fit their kind-hearted mood," Stardust explains. Though this sweet treat works for almost any occasion, when Leo is in the mood to unleash their wild side, Stardust recommends putting a bit of lemon zest in the cream "for some added zing."

Virgo: Marble Cake

marble bundt cake with powdered sugar topping

Detail-oriented Virgos appreciate symmetry, order, and aesthetics. As someone who's used to having control in life, you have very particular tastes and need a cake that is going to do more than just meet expectations.

"Virgos can be stressed and tense due to their practical and industrious nature," explains Stardust. "Marble cake is resilient and hard to break through, just like a Virgo. The light and dark batter mix is the perfect balance of yin and yang and makes a suitable choice for this choosy sign."

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Libra: Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake On a White Cake Stand
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As the sign of balance and harmony, Libra might surprise people with how messy their personal lives can be. Extroverted and charming by nature, you get a bad reputation as a people-pleaser. It's just that you like to keep everyone in a good mood so the fun times can keep rolling.

"Well-balanced and beautiful Libras love keeping the peace between others," adds Stardust. "And angel food cake is the ideal combination of tastes and flavors for Libra's elevated taste buds, while still being a hit among your friends and family."

Scorpio: Red Velvet Cake

red velvet cake
iStock / Claudia Subero

Under the surface of their aloof and icy interior, Scorpios have an unpredictable side. You make no apologies for following your emotions and love to explore the deep and dark side of life.

"Nothing is more mysterious or alluring than a slice of red velvet cake, suiting Scorpio's emotional nature and passion for mystery," explains Stardust. "This cake has all the comforting flavors [of] your favorite dark-chocolate cake, with an elevated velvety texture fit for Scorpio's discerning tastes."

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Sagittarius: Funfetti Cake

funfetti cake on white plate
iStock / VeselovaElena

Sagittarians are the energetic wildcards of the zodiac. People expect the unexpected from you, yet you still find a way to surprise them. You love to push yourself outside your comfort zone and explore new adventures.

"Sagittarius is wild, feisty, and unpredictable—just like funfetti cake!" says Stardust. "Its sweet taste and bright sprinkles bring the fun to every party. Every bite is an adventure, which will keep quirky Sagittarius entertained until they've licked the plate clean!"

Capricorn: Carrot Cake

Healthy Homemade Carrot Cake
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Hardworking and type-A Capricorns don't want to stray too far from the classics when it comes time to indulge. You'd rather spend your money and calories on a sweet treat that you know will taste great every time.

"Capricorns are strong and dependable just like a carrot," notes Stardust. "Carrot cake has a delicious batter and soft cream cheese icing but is often topped with crunchy walnuts or pecans. You can't go wrong with this old-fashioned favorite, especially when you take the time to bake it yourself." And Capricorn definitely has the patience to do just that.

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Aquarius: Spiced Toffee Cake

spicy toffee cake
iStock / Charles Philip

While some signs like to stick to what they know, Aquarians prefer to go all out and try something totally unexpected. These rebellious thrillseekers can't help but challenge expectations in every part of life.

"Aquarius [is] free-spirited and fun, and sticky toffee spice cake creates the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors with a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves," says Stardust. "What Aquarius will appreciate most is that [this] fall-flavored dessert can be enjoyed any time of year—so they can treat their sweet tooth whenever the mood strikes them!"

Pisces: Cheesecake

selection of cheesecakes
iStock / LauriPatterson

Pisces is resourceful, persistent, and optimistic. No matter what life throws at you, you know how to look on the bright side. You're deeply emotional and surprisingly flexible, which makes you the most creative zodiac sign.

"Pisces will go to great lengths to be sure others are happy, which is what makes them some of the most reliable friends in the zodiac," Stardust shares. "However, they need to treat themselves too, which is why homemade cheesecake is sure to satisfy sentimental Pisces."

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