The Zodiac Sign That's Always Late, According to Astrologers

Be prepared to wait awhile if you make plans with these signs.

If you're more of a type-A kind of person, you likely never experience the feeling of panic in your stomach when you realize you're severely late to something. Some people out there, however, are chronically late to everything whether it's to their own birthday celebration or a career altering job interview. Read on to discover the zodiac signs that are never on time, from a tiny bit tardy to the last one at every party.

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Leos are incredibly ambitious and they often overbook themselves without realizing how much is on their plate. However, this sign is well-liked, so if they are late to events it usually doesn't phase their loved ones.

"Nothing says 'grand entrance' like arriving fashionably late, which Leo has a knack for," says astrologer Hana O'Neill at The Suburban Witchery. "They're confident in the fact that nothing truly starts until they arrive and therefore, they never miss out on anything, regardless of how late they arrive. Everyone loves them anyway so they're unlikely to be reprimanded."


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Make no mistake, this water sign tries really hard to be on time, but usually fails as a result of getting easily overwhelmed.

"Cancer tries a lot to be on time, but they can never be on time," says Emily Newman, an astrologer at Best of Psychic Reader. "The idea of being on time makes them stressed. They try but usually become self-conscious about their looks and work which makes them more stressed. They tend to spend more time instead on making things perfect."

Cancers would rather perfect their outfits than be punctual and show up looking like a frazzled disaster. The next time a Cancer in your life is running late, try to not get too mad at them— they're trying their best.


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Aries always have a lot going on—you'd be shocked if you took a peek at their calendar. They're always penciling in a work lunch or booking a workout class but just can't seem to get there in a timely manner.

"They are always busy with lots of tasks and meetings," says Newman. "They do a lot of work without thinking, and are always late."

However, they aren't too phased by their tardiness and don't usually care what other people think—so it's probably not something that is going to change.


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This sign's easygoing and free nature causes them to not have a great handle on time. Planned events are not high on their list of priorities.

"This free spirit won't be pinned down by such an arbitrary thing like time," O'Neil tells Best Life. "Time is a man-made construct don't you know? Most of humanity has existed without clocks and watches and managed just fine, and they will too."

O'Neil also explains that the only time this adventurous sign rushes is if they "have to catch a plane out of here." If you have a Sagittarius in your life, you may just have to start telling them the event starts an hour earlier than it does.


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Geminis are social butterflies who juggle many things at once. From working on their side hustle to making sure they make time for their friends and family, they are always on the go!

"A generally super fast moving sign, Gemini is also easily distracted and this is why they're always late," says O'Neill. "You'll find them chatting to someone they met outside for 20 minutes before arriving where they're needed,"

Newman adds that this sign is also a chronic over-thinker and "would prefer to be perfect rather than punctual." There's no use trying to get this social sign to be on time, they're always going to be running on their own schedule.

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This air sign is late to everything, no matter the circumstances. They will frequently show up hours late to important events like their sister's birthday or their partner's work party.

"Aquarius are air signs, and they are creative and innovative," says Newman."They are always stuck in their thoughts and usually they forget they have to be present somewhere."

It's their free-spirited nature that is the cause of their chronic lateness, says Newman. They easily can get distracted and have their head up in the clouds on most days. Do yourself a favor and save your breath—there's no point in getting this forgetful sign to change their ways.

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