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The Country You Should Travel to in 2023, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How far will you go this year?

What does the year ahead have in store for you? Maybe it's time to discover new parts of the world and immerse yourself in different cultures and experiences. You've been working hard, so it's just the time to pack your bags for a well-deserved vacation. If you aren't sure of exactly where to go (or at least day dream about going), perhaps all you have to do is look to the stars. From romantic locales to stroll hand-in-hand through with your loved one to places offering thrilling solo adventures, read on to see where you should travel in 2023, according to astrologers.

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Aries: Spain

Picture of the beaches and city in Spain.
May_Lana / Shutterstock

This energetic fire sign craves thrilling adventure, and being the confident leaders that they are, they're happy to do it with someone or on their own. Expert astrologer, Lauren DeGolia at Fresh Starts Registry says Spain is the perfect place for Aries to find what they're looking for this year.

"Your travel plans should include some spicy destinations with great food, activities, and culture to explore all of your senses," she says. "Whether you're sitting on a gorgeous beach, eating delicious paella, or taking in a flamenco show, pick a part of Spain that activates your curiosity."

While of course you can't get through all of Spain in a short amount of time, Barcelona with its beach-meets-city vibe may be Aries' best bet. It offers sunshine for days, delicious food, nightlife, art, and more.

Taurus: Iceland

Beautiful lavender fields on a mountainside where people are riding horses.
Blue Planet Studio / Shutterstock

While Taurus can seem hard to please, they actually are great at living in the moment and can find beauty in any situation—but with a trip to Iceland they won't have to try too hard. This gorgeous  country is full of nature that will take your breath from black sand beaches to volcanoes to glaciers. No wonder it's called the land of fire and ice.

"We know you love to find beauty in simplicity, Taurus," says DeGolia. "Make Iceland a top destination for 2023 so you can take in the breathtaking landscapes and delicious relaxation options like the hot springs."

From bathing in the Blue Lagoon to going on an exciting ice cave tour, this earth sign is sure to have one of the most impactful trips of their life in Iceland.

Gemini: Greece

Acropolis in Athens,Greece
Anastasios71 / Shutterstock

"Geminis are adaptable and enjoy variety, so they are likely to enjoy a holiday that allows them to experience different cultures and activities," says Rachel Clare, an astrologer from Mystic Sense. "Some popular destinations for Geminis include bustling city breaks or trips to a country whose culture is completely different to their own. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, any vacation that allows a Gemini to interact with as many new, interesting people as possible is a sure-fire winner. A trip to buzzing Athens, Greece is a definite top choice."

This extroverted sign will be able to soak up a whole new world when they visit Greece with confidence and ease. Athens, one of world's oldest cities, will give this air sign the opportunity to explore ancient greek ruins at the Acropolis, shop in the charming Plaka neighborhood, and enjoy the view of Monastiraki Square at a relaxing rooftop bar.

Cancer: New Zealand

Scenic winding road in New Zealand.
Nur Ismail Photography / Shutterstock

While Cancers usually prefer to relax at home on their days off, this sign won't ever regret going to stunning New Zealand on vacation.

"You deserve a delicious and beautiful destination this year," says DeGolia. "I hope 2023 finds you enjoying a hike on a glacier, exploring, and New Zealand's unique wildlife or finding an oasis to recharge your batteries."

New Zealand is a remarkable country full of outdoor adventures. If you are up for a thrill, boogie board down the sand dunes at Ninety Mile Beach that will take you up to speeds of 90 miles per hour. For a more peaceful outing, head to Waiheke Island to sample some of New Zealand's finest wine.

Leo: Argentina

Mountainside in the winter in Argentina.
sharptoyou / Shutterstock

Leos love to be the center of attention, so Argentina, a country full of life and vibrance, just like them, is a must.

"Mix it up in 2023 and adventure a little further off your normal path to find the party," says DeGolia. "Plan an itinerary on the edge, making sure you're including a mix of fun outdoor adventures and celebrations with festive color palettes."

You'll never have a dull moment in this beautiful country whether you're visiting the bustling city Buenos Aires or checking out the breathtaking views at the Iguaza Falls.

Virgo: Switzerland

Swiss alps in the background of a small town in Switzerland.
Ireine / Shutterstock

Virgos are perfectionists and can be incredibly meticulous when it comes to planning out their vacations. Switzerland is the ideal place for this sign to reset and take some time to be in the moment and log off.

"The Swiss Alps are calling and it's time to answer: Let 2023 be filled scenic hillside adventures, awe-inspiring lakes, and breathtaking cities," says DeGolia. "Your love of all things organized will appreciate the punctuality of the locals."

Make sure to ride the Glacier Express that goes all the way from Zermatt to Upper Engadin for the most breathtaking views of canyons, mountains, and rapidly flowing turquoise waters. If you're up for the challenge, hike in the Swiss National Park and try to spot wildlife along the winding trails.

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Libra: Italy

The Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy, in the morning light
Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock

Libras appreciate beauty in everything and are always eager to head to extravagant destinations if given the chance. Italy offers this air sign the perfect mix of luxury and adventure.

"Ruled by Venus and symbolized by the Scales of Justice, the planet of aesthetics and love, Libra is known for their love of beauty, balance, and harmony," says DeGolia."They thrive most when socializing, embracing rich culture, and surrounding themselves with art. Due to this, Libras are likely to choose vacation destinations like Rome that offer particularly good food, art, music, and nightlife."

While one obviously has to visit the iconic Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, Libras will equally love less touristy options like strolling through the streets of Trastevere, an ancient part of Rome that is mostly occupied by the locals. And of course this trip wouldn't be complete if you didn't indulge in all the mouthwatering pasta and perfectly cooked pizza pies.

Scorpio: Turkey

Traditional turkish breakfast with Cappadocia view and flying balloons on the background.
Valerija Polakovska / Shutterstock

Scorpios are incredibly ambitious people and truly deserve a nice long break from working so hard. A trip to the Middle East can get these tired signs out of their routine to experience something new and enticing. Turkey is a great country to explore if you're feeling stuck in a rut.

DeGolia emphasizes that Scorpios should only take trips in 2023 that will feed their soul. "Travel for you should include rich history, breathtaking architecture, and an out of this world cultural experience," she says. "Turkey could be a fabulous place to start."

Take a hot air balloon ride on the valleys of Cappadocia and let your worries get whisked away with the wind. Don't forget to visit Antalya, a Mediterranean resort city that features two beautiful beaches where you can spend your days relaxing in the sun.

Sagittarius: Norway

View of colorful buildings in Norway.
Grisha Bruev / Shutterstock

Sagittarius signs have an adventurous spirit and a trip to Norway could fulfill that thrill-seeking itch. They are always on the search for something meaningful and new. "Your 2023 travel bucket list should include: the northern lights, picture-perfect landscapes, and [trying out] local customs that just might change your life," says DeGolia.

Take a hike on one of Norway's most popular trails in Trolltunga and witness the view of the deep blue water beneath you. Then test your daring and bold spirit by kayaking past stunning glaciers at Svalbard. And of course, those northern  lights!

Capricorn:United Arab Emirates

Woman with a white hat is standing on a balcony in front of the skyline from Dubai
Cara-Foto / Shutterstock

Capricorns are ambitious souls and are always looking for the next best thing, whether that's for a vacation or not. They thrive off of luxury and can take their holiday to the next level in the United Arab Emirates.

"United Arab Emirates is the perfect place for Capricorns to visit. Capricorns can explore luxury, marvel at the incredible architectural features, and maybe go sand boarding on the red desert dunes. They would love adventures in Dubai," says Emily Newman, an astrologer at Best of Psychic Reader.

Aquarius: Japan

Two geishas wearing traditional japanese kimonos in Japan.
Phattana Stock / Shutterstock

Aquarius should travel somewhere where they can immerse themselves into a whole new world and learn something every day. This creative sign will surely fall in love with all that Japan has to offer.

"Aquarius is enthusiastic and would prefer to explore the cultures of different countries. Japan would be the perfect place for Aquarius this year," ays Newman. "It's an attractive overseas destination to explore a different and unique culture."

If you decide to head to the city of Osaka, this air sign should be sure to visit the Osaka Castle, which is one of most famous landmarks in Japan. Then get some shopping done for souvenirs at the longest shopping street in Japan, Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai. Here you can browse cafes, restaurants, and even specialized Japanese medicine stores.

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Pisces: France

View of Eiffel Tower and river Seine at sunrise in Paris, France.
Catarina Belova / Shutterstock

It's probably no surprise that the hopeless romantic Pisces should visit France, and more specifically Paris. Pisces are creative and artistic, so it makes sense this should head to one of the most beautifully rich cities in the world.

"This water sign would love fairytale and romantic places like Paris," says Newman. "It is the ideal location to deepen your understanding of art and history, all while indulging in mouth-watering pastries and strolling to the Eiffel tower."

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