The Type of Chocolate You Should Eat, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Chocolate-covered strawberries or a chocolate martini? Let astrology decide your dessert.

Who doesn't love chocolate? From delicious dark chocolates that pair well with a nice glass of wine to hot fudge brownie sundaes that take you back to childhood, it's easy to see why it's one of everyone's favorite treats. With the holiday of chocolate fast approaching, we spoke to Best Life's resident astrologer to find out which type of chocolate you should eat, based on your zodiac sign. Will you be enjoying a box of Valentine's truffles with your best friends? Or indulging in a whipped chocolate mousse for one (and no, you're not sharing)! Keep reading to find out.

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Aries: Mexican Hot Chocolate

Homemade Holiday Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon
iStock / bhofack2

No surprise here: The best chocolate for fire sign Aries needs to bring the heat. As the bold and daring leader of the zodiac, you have an adventurous streak that extends to your food preferences. Still, sometimes the classics do the trick. That's why this spicy spin on an old favorite is the perfect fit. Mexican hot chocolate has all of the warm, chocolatey goodness and pillowy whipped cream you could want, plus a spicy surprise with every sip.

Taurus: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries with milk chocolate and white chocolate
iStock / mphillips007

Taurus is the luxury-loving, big spender of the zodiac. You've got great taste, and you're not about to spend your hard-earned money on anything less than the best. This is also why you tend to stick with what you know is good. So, a plate of perfectly ripe chocolate-covered strawberries is the only option for you. Dip them in a variety of chocolate flavors and top them with whatever indulgent extras your heart desires.

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Gemini: Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffle balls with cocoa powder
iStock / pashapixel

Geminis love variety and get bored easily. Not only is this due to your active, curious mind and outgoing personality, but you're known for your indecisiveness. A box of assorted chocolate truffles will satisfy all your preferences and make it so you never have to pick just one flavor. It's also perfect to share and enjoy with others, a must for the social butterfly of the zodiac.

Cancer: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

homemade double chocolate chip cookies
iStock / PamelaJoeMcFarlane

Cancers are pretty easy to please when it comes to food. You like things sweet and simple, and it certainly doesn't hurt if it reminds you of your childhood. And while there are plenty of dishes out there that fit the bill, nothing is as consistently good as a plate of chocolate chip cookies—bonus if they're hot out of the oven, served with a scoop of ice cream. You really can't go wrong with this ooey-gooey classic.

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Leo: Chocolate Dome Dessert

melted chocolate dome dessert
iStock / Theerawan Bangpran

Leos are flashy and theatrical and are known for being absolutely over the top. Your personality shines bright like the sun, and you can't help that you naturally draw attention wherever you go. So, it's only fitting that you'd go for a chocolate dessert that's just as show-stopping as you. Pour the hot chocolate sauce over the top, crack open the shell, and get to the warm, fudgy center. And don't forget to order this one with a few extra spoons and a side of ice cream!

Virgo: Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate panna cotta with raspberry jelly, raspberries and chocolate pieces
iStock / Kshavratskaya

Virgos don't get distracted by flashy trends. You have an eye for detail, and your tastes skew simplistic yet chic. Take away the fluff and the nonsense; you like highly elevated classics. That's why you can't go wrong with a romantic and airy chocolate mousse. This tasty treat comes together with just a few simple ingredients but packs plenty of flavor in every bite. Go ahead and treat yourself to a second round—we promise not to tell!

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Libra: Chocolate Raspberry Torte

A piece of chocolate and raspberry torte on a plate
iStock / martinturzak

Luxurious and expensive is the best way to describe a Libra's level of taste. You love the finer things in life and will show off whenever you get a chance. And as someone who works hard to have the life of your dreams, you certainly deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Speaking of fruit, nothing vibes better with your personality than a chocolate raspberry torte. The flavors are the perfect combination of rich dark chocolate, tart raspberries, and sweet whipped cream—what more could you ask for?

Scorpio: Devil's Food Cake

Slice of chocolate cake with glaze on a plate
iStock / Arx0nt

Scorpios are intense and complicated people. Yet despite the aloof attitude you put on as a front, there's a sensual and fun-loving side to your personality just waiting to let loose. And because you have a great sense of humor about your dark and mysterious stereotype, why not lean into it with devil's food cake? This sinfully delicious treat is a cheeky way to show that you're in on the joke, and it's so good you'll be licking your fingers until the very last bite.

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Sagittarius: S'Mores

Homemade Gooey Marshmallow S'mores with Chocolate
iStock / bhofack2

Sagittarians are known for their love of indulgence and excess. There's an entire world out there to explore, and you intend on experiencing as much of it as humanly possible. Choosing a chocolate dessert for you is tricky because you'll try anything once. But we think s'mores are the perfect portable treat for you to enjoy. With just three ingredients and no kitchen required, s'mores can give you a little taste of home wherever your travels may take you.

Capricorn: Chocolate Martini

Irish cream liqueur in a glass with cinnamon on wooden background
iStock / Roxiller

Capricorns love the classics, but that doesn't mean your dessert order needs to be boring. In fact, you consider yourself the original influencer. While others are easily swayed, you focus on cultivating a truly unique and personalized set of tastes and standards. A chocolate martini (shaken not stirred) is the only treat that can fit your high-profile personality. This simple and chic drink goes down smoothly and pairs the rich flavor of chocolate with your favorite liquor.

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Aquarius: Chocolate Taco

Sweet tacos with chocolate thin waffle and ice cream topped with nuts and strawberry on the white table. Dessert variation of Mexican classics
iStock / Oksana Chaun

Even a rebel like you has to admit that nothing beats a classic chocolate dessert when you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth. The good news is that you can still find a way to make it your own with a fun and funky chocolate taco. While everyone else is ordering dessert, you can have dinner (with a twist)! Filled with scrumptious chocolate ice cream and topped with whatever sprinkles or toppings your heart desires, this conversation starter will have you and your friends laughing all night.

Pisces: Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

Vanilla Ice Cream and Walnut Brownie close up
iStock / Juanmonino

Pisces are the sweet and loving dreamers of the zodiac, so dessert is your area of expertise. Some may mistake your easygoing and relaxed attitude as reserved, but there's a world of imagination and artistry hiding in your mind. An expertly plated brownie sundae looks like a painting that's come to life. Only a creative soul like you can appreciate the amount of work that went into making it, and it's perfect to share and linger over with that special someone.

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