The Most Elegant Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Whether it's how they dress or how they carry themselves, these people ooze taste and grace.

As Annie James in The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan famously once said, "I have class and you don't," as a dig at her newfound identical twin. Annie was seemingly more elegant than her sister Hallie, which was shown through her way of speaking, impeccable manners, and sophisticated clothing. Even when it comes to real life and adults, these are still the tell-tale signs of elegance—and it might be due to astrology that these people have a more debonair air about them. With that in mind, we consulted astrologers to find out the most elegant zodiac signs, from slightly tasteful to incredibly chic. Read on for their picks.

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Scorpios keep to themselves. They're not likely to be the life of the party, but they do have a certain sophistication about them in social situations.

"The Scorpio personality knows exactly where the boundaries are, and they know how to make complexity simple," says Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology. "There is a certain cleverness and stately nature that can be read as elegant and restrained.

Scorpio can play the part, but if you wrong them, don't be surprised if they get a little intense. They're also very observant and will wait until the time is right to strike you down if they feel it's necessary.


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"Although typically not the best dressed in a room, Capricorns are naturally elegant in their behavior," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat. They make great hosts and are slow to lose control when things go awry.

Loftis says they'll always be "the adult in the room," thanks to their polite and dignified ways.

They err on the old-fashioned side of things and don't mind being methodical and traditional to get things done.

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Leo lights up any space they enter. They are confident and navigate every situation with seamless elegance.

These fire signs have big personalities and love attention, but they're not conceited. "They are far too classy to belittle anyone, choosing instead to lift those up around them gracefully," says Bennet.

Bennet also says they also have an inherent fashion sense. Their style is a bit ornate, but you'll always be drawn to their stylish vibes.


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Virgo values tradition, but they always nail their signature aesthetic—whether it's regarding their wardrobe, decor, or general vibe. "Even when they are casually dressed, there is a theme, there is quality, there is taste," notes Loftis.

No detail escapes these perfectionists, and Bennet says they carefully calculate all of their actions, making sure everything is in order.

Virgos love being in charge, so when they get the chance to host a dinner party, they float around the room with unmatched grace.

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Loftis describes Libra as someone with exquisite taste and a refined manner. They live for balance, so nothing they do will be too over the top or underwhelming.

As air signs, these harmonious people are excellent communicators and know exactly what to do in every scenario. "They are great social connectors who [radiate] calm, elegance, grace, and dignity," explains Loftis.

They're also ruled by Venus, which means they're here for life's beautiful moments. They understand aesthetics and have a cultured type of energy.


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It's no surprise that these earth signs are lovers of luxury. Like Libra, they're ruled by Venus, so they have a deep appreciation for beautiful things.

Bennet says Taurus and elegance go hand in hand. "They ooze class, effortlessly pairing high-end classics to make any outfit chic but understated."

But aside from their appearance, they always know how to behave in social situations and aren't the type to cause a scene.

"Grace, finesse, and a certain candor and comfortability with indulgence grounds them in the physical world and reads elegant," says Loftis.

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