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The Most Old-Fashioned Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They like the more traditional aspects of life.

You know what they say: If it's not broke don't fix it. Certain people thrive on this mentality and tend to live life in the more traditional sense. They don't need the next big thing and are more than happy to stick to their working routines. They value things that are passed down from earlier generations and don't mind if they're a bit behind the times. While their ideals might be slightly outdated, astrology could also explain why they won't pick up the latest trend. Keep reading to find out the most old-fashioned zodiac sign from a little antiquated to completely conservative.

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Virgo possesses a lot of qualities that could be deemed as old-fashioned. They're the sign that embodies organization and structure and they like things to go the way they planned.

"Also being represented by the virgin, Virgo carries an air of purity and modesty reminiscent of a bygone era," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense.

As an earth sign, they're known to be practical and grounded. They're filled with a ton of essential tools for any situation and like working with what they know.

"They value reliability and efficiency, embracing tried-and-true methods with a dash of old-fashioned sensibility," Clare says


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On the surface, these leading lions appear to always be on trend. But if you get to know them on a deeper level, you'll realize they're more old-fashioned.

"They believe in tradition and old-fashioned values," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat. "Leos would do anything to protect their family and friends."

They are some of the most loyal people you'll ever meet, plus they take great pride in being their true and authentic selves.

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Thanks to their need for balance and harmony, "Libra has a built in sense of justice that gives them a more old-fashioned outlook on life," says Bennet.

They're ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Their refined taste and appreciation of all of life's pleasing things give them more of a traditional aura.

Clare notes that they're also represented by the Scales of Justice. "Just imagine a vintage scale, delicate and precise, weighing the pros and cons with meticulous grace," she says.

Libra has a natural inclination towards sophistication and elegance and don't care if their views and interests are more on the outdated side.


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Cancers are old souls. They'd rather spend quality time with their family and friends than do anything flashy and over the top—they appreciate the simple things.

Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology, says their connection to family, home, and their roots tends to give them a more traditional personality. "They value classic things and prefer timeless moments versus being innovators or change-makers," she adds.

They'll be the ones to send you a handwritten note or a thoughtful email or text message. Plus, they have a love for all things vintage.


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Capricorn prefers to stick to the tried, true, and traditional. As a sign that's ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, it's understandable that they like things to be done a certain way.

"They are much more of the 'as my father before me' types of personalities," says Loftis. Like the generations past, these earth signs like to work hard, chase after success, and save money for practical things like buying a home.

As serious rule followers, Capricorns value stability and reliability over any type of new trend. They like their own systems and don't feel the need to stray from their old-fashioned tendencies.

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Taurus values stability and security and aren't the biggest fans of trying new things. Their deep connection to tradition is what sets them apart from everyone else and makes them clearly the most old-fashioned zodiac sign.

Like Libra, they're ruled by Venus, which ultimately makes them the perfect representation of elegance and refinement. "Just like a vintage vinyl record or a cherished family heirloom, Taureans have a fondness for the classics," says Clare.

When you think of these grounded earth signs, the "back to basics" mentality should also come to mind. While Bennet says they're drawn to luxury and prefer traditional high-end pieces that never go out of style, they don't necessarily need things that are new and innovative.

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