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The Candle You Should Burn, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers explain how to bring out your zodiac aura with these candle scents.

Everyone has their home decor preferences, from whether you choose houseplants or fresh flowers to if you like neutrals or bright colors. But sometimes, the options can be overwhelming, even with something as small as a candle. Love the cozy feel of burning candles? Trying to make your home smell just right? To help you decide which candle you should buy, we enlisted the help of professional astrologer KJ Atlas. Keep reading to learn which candle scent you should burn based on your zodiac sign. Will you be a light, floral fragrance or a deep, musky aroma?

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Aries: Cinnamon Apple Candle

red candle on coffee table

You're red hot, Aries! Your fire sign energy gives you the confidence to chase down your dreams and worry about the details later. And with Mars, the planet of passion and determination, ruling over your energy, you won't stop until you get what you want. To match your energy, go for "a red candle with a bright and punchy scent," says Atlas. "You can rock an apple-cinnamon flavored aroma all year round, so it's totally okay to break out those holiday candles early."

Taurus: Pine Needle Candle

close up of burning candle in glass jar, succulent and notebook on wooden background
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You're a lover of the finer things in life, Taurus, which means your taste in home decor tends to skew luxurious. Your earth nature, however, lends a refined edge to your aesthetic. And as the sign ruled by romantic Venus, you enjoy indulging. So your ideal candle should have the rich, dreamy notes you've grown to love. Atlas says "mossy, sensual scents" highlight your energy and are also great for your favorite part of the house—the bedroom.

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Gemini: Strawberry Basil Candle

baby pink candle

You love to shake things up, Gemini. As the carefree social butterfly of the zodiac, you're never content to stay in one place for too long. Born under the sign of the twins, your dual nature allows you to move through the world with an open mind. Sure, you have your preferences and favorites, but you're always down to try something new.

When it comes to the perfect candle, you'll want to choose something "that has opposing scent profiles and offers a surprising twist," says Atlas. "Strawberry basil or sugary lemon might be right up your alley," she suggests. And since you're a bit of a socialite, she also recommends seeking out a local artisan to purchase from.

Cancer: Fresh Linen Candle

white candle on white decor background

As a water sign, you bring comforting energy with you wherever you go. Cancer is known as the nurturer of the zodiac, but you need to invest in yourself as much as you do others. You treat your home as the ultimate escape away from life, and so a candle that's nostalgic and feels like being wrapped in a big warm blanket on a rainy afternoon is just what you need. "A candle scented like fresh laundry is the perfect match for your cozy vibes," explains Atlas.

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Leo: Rose and Orange Blossom Candle

rose and orange candle

As the fiery scene stealer of the zodiac, there's nothing subtle about your style. However, there's more to your personality than trying to be the center of attention. You're fiercely loyal and bring a zest for life to everything you touch. When choosing a candle scent, you need one that embodies this same optimistic and vigorous energy.

As the sign associated with the king of the jungle himself, you're not shy about splurging every once in a while and "deserve a candle that makes you feel like you've made it," says Atlas. "Why not choose a bright and punchy rose and orange blossom candle that smells both opulent and fresh?" After all, she adds, "A little luxury never hurt anyone, right, Leo?"

Virgo: Sandalwood and Cedar Candle

sandlewood candle

For you, choosing a candle scent can be a tricky endeavor. You have an eye for details, and you're very particular about your tastes. "Virgo, you need a candle you can light at the end of the day to help you take the edge off," Atlas says, referring to your sometimes-demanding perfectionist ways. "That's why a fresh, woodsy scent like sandalwood and cedar is the perfect blend to help you relax," she adds. Plus, this scent is timeless, so you'll feel good about investing in a nice candle.

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Libra: Vanilla Bean Candle

vanilla bean candle

Charming and witty, you're always being pulled into new social situations, which is where you thrive. Unlike other signs that reject change, you like to embrace the unknown and always look at the bright side. Therefore, you'll want a candle that's both indulgent and familiar and that everyone will enjoy. Atlas recommends "a subtle romantic scent like floral or vanilla that pleases even the pickiest of visitor tastes." She also suggests going for a "statement candle" since you have "an eye for style."

Scorpio: Tobacco and Patchouli Candle


You have a refined taste, Scorpio. As a passionate and highly intuitive water sign, you enjoy a candle scent with some boldness and depth. "A Scorpio should light a candle that oozes mystery and sensuality, like a rich and musky tobacco and patchouli candle," says Atlas. "You might want to grab a few more than you think you need to keep every room of the house ambient and sexy," she adds. After all, you are known for being both very sexual and incredibly romantic.

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Sagittarius: Amber and Fig Candle

autumn candle display

You're a thrill seeker, Sagittarius. As a fire sign, nothing is more important to you than following the flame of your heart's desire. You're always looking to grow and improve yourself with new experiences, ideas, and adventures, so Atlas suggests a candle "that reminds you of your most beloved travel destination." She says one that smells of "amber, fig, or saffron for a hit of aromatic spice," will be just right. To make it even better, pick this candle up on your next trip.

Capricorn: Leather and Mahogany Candle

leather and mahogany candle

Simple and elegant, you don't like clutter in your life, Capricorn. You are no stranger to hard work and pride yourself on your maturity and dedication to creating the life of your dreams. You don't need anything fancy or flashy, you just like to enjoy the creature comforts of life. Earthy and rich scents draw you in, so Atlas says a "leather and mahogany" candle will be "too good for you to pass up." For such an ambitious sign, you really can't go wrong with a candle that smells like an old library.

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Aquarius: Papaya and Pomegranate Candle

female shaped body candle

You're the eccentric one of the zodiac, Aquarius. Your love of the unusual will often take your life in thrilling and unexpected directions. When it comes to choosing things for your home, you want items that stand out and get the conversation started. Therefore, Atlas suggests "a free-standing candle molded into a fun shape." ("Who needs a glass when you can push the envelope a bit?" she says.) As for the scent, she says to choose something uncommon and surprisingly sweet "like tropical papaya and pomegranate."

Pisces: Sea Salt Coconut Candle

coconut candle

Compassionate, dreamy, and a bit mystical, you're a deep thinker, Pisces. As the final sign of the zodiac, you encompass all the energy of other signs, which makes you quite sensitive to the mood shifts around you. Your reflective, emotional nature makes you an incredible friend and partner, but it also means you need plenty of time to decompress.

"As a water sign, you're drawn to scents that remind you of long walks on the beach and the salty ocean breeze blowing through your hair," says Atlas. "A tropical scent that takes you to an island getaway is all you need to leave your troubles behind." Think coconut, pineapple, and salty air scents that bring out your inner mermaid and allow you to let your mind wander for a bit.

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