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The Most Conceited Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They probably think this story is about them.

Nothing is wrong with being proud of yourself and showing off your accomplishments. However, the line gets drawn in the sand when the humble brag becomes a cocky statement. Sometimes it's obvious who will choose the arrogant route—you know those people who always act like they're better than everyone. They're typically self absorbed, love to show off, and will do anything to prove they are superior. It's possible that they're just a bit bigheaded, but astrology might also be a factor. Keep reading to discover the most conceited zodiac sign from a smidge snotty to very vain.

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Cancer may seem sweet and nurturing. But while they care for others, they do everything with themselves in mind. If they're giving you attention, they fully expect you to return it—and they don't take rejection well.

"They are highly intuitive, emotional, and like to hear compliments for their caretaking ways," says Rebecca Schmidt, an astrologer at Trust the Effing Process.

These water signs want you to rely on them for whatever you need, but their conceited side can sneak up on you. Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology, explains that they'll remove the safety net they've given you without warning "because they want to reinforce how important they are to your happiness."

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If anyone is even a little bit conceited, it's a Taurus. They look out for themselves and what works best for them, and they aren't really bothered by what others think.

A lot of the time these folks choose a career where they can show off their skills. "Many work with their hands and are top chefs, artists, and craftsmen who know their work is well-made," Schmidt says.

These earth signs can be pretty self-absorbed and if they get the chance to brag about their achievements, you know that they're going to take it.


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Setting goals and achieving success is basically a wash, rinse, and repeat cycle for a Capricorn. They prioritize their own ambitions over anything else and are ultimately looking to create a legacy that will outlive them. They're well-positioned to achieve the type of success that stands the test of time, Marquardt tells Best Life.

That being said, their drive and passion sometimes pushes people away. These earth signs are thinking about what's best for themselves 95 percent of the time, and they often have blinders on when trying to finish up a project.

"At their worst, Capricorn has no humility and little remorse for taking opportunities away from other people in order to get what they want," Marquardt says. They don't like to be wrong and their arrogance can be off-putting and rude.


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Everyone thinks being first is the best and no one believes that more than an Aries—probably because they are the first sign of the zodiac. While their passion and fiery personas can help them lead others and be their best selves, it's difficult for them to not think of themselves constantly. They also seem to forget that other people exist, let alone matter.

"They can give off an arrogant and bossy vibe because of their natural desire to be independent and autonomous," says Marquardt. They also have a huge ego and thrive when others are giving them attention, but also have a tendency to create conflict with those around them. Good luck getting Aries to think about other people.


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Scorpios love being seen even though they tend to keep to themselves. They're incredibly intelligent and they thrive on knowing that they're smarter than others in the room.

"They are vain and believe themselves superior to others especially when it comes to their beliefs, ideas, and opinions," Schmidt says. As a sign that gets stuck in their ways, and thinks they're the best at everything, it's easy to understand why these folks can also be conceited.

You might as well keep your opinions to yourself because Scorpio is going to do whatever they want regardless of your feelings.

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Since they're typically known for being compassionate and caring beyond belief, you might be surprised to see Pisces as the most conceited zodiac sign. Marquardt explains that the loving and supportive nature comes when Pisces is operating at its most evolved state and until they reach this, "they often embody a superiority complex and a holier than thou mentality," he says.

These water signs are the last signs, so essentially they've experienced the ups and downs of everyone else and ultimately want to surpass them in any way possible. In working to better themselves, they might end up looking down on others simply because they feel more advanced.

"If Pisces doesn't learn how to stay grounded and embrace the practical side of life, they'll slip into the fantastical delusion that they're a supreme being who is magically above everyone else," says Marquardt.

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