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The Rudest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Astrologers say these folks don't have the best manners.

As you go about your daily life, you've probably learned a simple truth: Some people are ruder than others. Whether these folks roll their eyes—or take more offensive, impolite actions such as cutting others in line or talking about people behind their backs—you'll know a rude person when you see one. And, of course, you may wonder how they became that way in the first place. It turns out, it could be due to their astrological sign. Read on to discover the six rudest zodiac signs, from the somewhat unpolished to the extremely ill-mannered.

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Those born under this intellectual and innovative sign are known for being the humanitarians of the zodiac. However, that doesn't mean they always mind their manners. "They are guided by intuition, instinct, and impulse, not by social graces," says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. "In fact, they may disregard conventions completely." Instead, Kovach notes, this sign can be "shocking, rebellious, unconventional, and erratic"—and may come across as rude in certain situations. "Aquarius people are trailblazers and are too busy looking toward the future to pay attention to whether someone walked through the door behind them or was in the middle of speaking when they rudely interrupted," says Kovach. If an Aquarius makes a rude first impression, you may want to give them a second chance to see if they improve.



Ruled by the sun, this sign loves having their ideas in the spotlight. That said, a Leo's claws will come out if you dare disagree with them. According to Crescentprofessional tarot reader and astrologer at Crescent Divination, they have a low tolerance for anything they disapprove of. "Their need to always be right can cause them to be very blunt and not take others' feelings into consideration," she explains.

Fortunately, Leos usually aren't trying to be rude—it typically occurs by accident. "Leos are proud and confident, which can certainly come across as rude in the right circumstances," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "They don't want to upset anyone, but if they happen to say something which lands badly, well, that's just a part of life."

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You know Scorpio for being mysterious, jealous, resentful, and intense—and so you may not be surprised to see it on a list of the rudest zodiac signs. "Unlike many of the other signs who are unintentionally rude, Scorpio can be strategically and intentionally rude—but only under certain conditions," says Kovach.

Those conditions include any times they feel they or someone they love has been wronged by someone else. If you sense a Scorpio is on a rude kick, you can try calling them out on it. "They will either admit it and be happy about it, or will deny it, and say they are not rude, they are 'real,'" says Crescent.


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Practical, hard-working, and sometimes critical Virgo can have a rude streak. "For Virgo, the desire to be efficient and analytical can clash with the social graces people are expected to follow," says Kovach. "The irony is that often Virgo people are actually intending to be helpful when they deliver unsolicited advice. They often believe that being blunt and direct is the best way to give feedback."

So, if your boss or colleague is a Virgo, you can expect some fairly tough performance reviews—especially if you tend to take criticism to heart. "The conservative, cynical, diligent, and discriminating ways of Virgo can really upset people who are sensitive," says author and astrologer Lisa Barretta. Take everything they say with a grain of salt.

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Capricorn's rudeness is similar to Virgo's. "Those born under this sign can be practical," says Kovach. "Their stoic and down-to-earth nature can lead them to put aside sentimentality and emotion; for this reason, they can speak in blunt terms and may not always stop to consider how their words come across to others." However, unlike Virgo, a Capricorn's feedback may be entirely unconstructive. "They're not really solution-oriented, so they will tell you where you are messing up and expect you to fix it yourself," says Crescent. And if you tell them they're being impolite? Well, they'll show you the door.


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Ruled by Mars, a planet that's named after the god of war, Aries is by far the rudest—and most conflict-driven sign of the zodiac. "The fire element that rules their sign makes them passionate and spontaneous," says Andrea Scalisiastrologer and owner of The Haven Shoppe. "Aries will never back down from a fight—in fact, they're often the one starting it." However, it's important to note that Aries isn't trying to be mean, per se. "They're just brutally honest and their impulsive nature won't allow them to hold back," says Scalisi. "In fact, it wouldn't even occur to the Ram to filter themselves for the sake of diplomacy." If there's an Aries in your friend group, you can expect them to grill outsiders with rapid-fire questions and shock them with their quick wit. "Rude? Perhaps," says Scalisi. "But you'll always know exactly where you stand with Aries."

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