The Most Argumentative Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

It's easy for things to get heated with folks born under these signs.

It's natural to disagree or even argue from time to time, but there are some people who just can't keep their cool in any situation. Whether it's debating endlessly with an authority figure or having never-ending quarrels with a friend, certain individuals always take it to the next level. There could be a reason for it written in the stars: Astrology says that some signs are more combative than others. Read on to discover the six most argumentative zodiac signs, from slightly disagreeable to constantly picking a fight.

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Libra loves to play devil's advocate when arguing because they're well-attuned to the dichotomy of right vs. wrong. "Libras can argue just for the fun of it, and they relish the opportunity of challenging you with an opposing point of view," says astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. "It's a leisurely sport for them." But in the end, Libra is the sign of mediation and compromise, so they'll usually find a way to end up on the same page as you. Eventually, balance will be restored.


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Virgos can drone on and on about the smallest things, leaving no detail unturned. Arguing with a Virgo can take up a ton of time. They don't tend to raise their voice or have an aggressive tone, but they do like to stretch out an argument with detailed points. "If you get in an argument with a Virgo, chances are they've already had that argument with themselves over and over again, so they'll be armed and ready to combat any points you feel like making," explains Marquardt.

Jill Loftisastrologer and founder of Nuit Astrology, adds, "Virgos have very specific ideas about how things should be done, and they are not afraid to let you know when you are out of line or not meeting their expectations."

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Nobody can persuade or wordsmith like a Gemini. Like Virgo, Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, but unlike Virgo, Gemini is rarely prepared to have a conversation with substance, facts, and sources. Ultimately, it doesn't matter "because Gemini has an uncanny ability to connect dots on the spot, thanks to all the useless information that magically gets stored in their minds," says Marquardt.

Loftis notes that Geminis are always arguing with themselves, which sometimes spills out into their interactions with others. "A Gemini might argue with you just to make a point or to keep the conversation going," she explains. This sign will constantly bring in new perspectives that seem unrelated but somehow become important.

In short, "Gemini knows how to throw their opponent off in a battle of the wits," Marquardt says.


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Aries is extremely impassioned when they're having an argument. They don't handle losing well, and they're usually quick at coming up with new subjects to toss into the conversation, forcing the other person to stay on their toes. "Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, Aries gives you the feeling of walking on broken glass when they argue with you," says Marquardt. "Even if you're 100 percent right, you know you have to be careful with how you present your side of the argument—otherwise, it could easily set them off like a ticking time bomb."

Because they can act childish during a fight, it can be exhausting to keep up with Aries. They have enough force and vigor that it's pretty much impossible to stay on the offense. A strong defense is the only remedy for an argument with Aries.

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which means "they can latch onto certain opinions and points of view with a white knuckle grip," says Marquardt. As the eldest air sign, Aquarius is full of communicative experience, and in an argument, it can come off as a razor-sharp tongue full of wit and intellect. "It's never fun getting into an argument with them, because they'll come ready with science and facts to back up their opinion, and they'll roast you for not having as much evidence to confirm your own opinion," says Marquardt. So, how do you win them over? You need to show empathy. It's the only way you might stand a chance against them.


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Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom, but that energy can spread out of control like a wildfire in arguments. "Even though Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which means they're changeable, their perspectives are shaped through their life experiences, not through grounded facts and learnings," says Marquardt. They stand firm in a belief that because they've lived that truth, their points of view are visceral and incredibly real for them. "Even if you have facts, science, or an academic background on something that you're arguing about, it won't matter to Sagittarius if they've experienced a contradictory circumstance," he adds.

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