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Costco Slammed Over Popular Seasonings: "Why Are We Paying for Half a Bottle?"

Several name-brand seasonings look considerably empty compared to Kirkland's bottles.

No one likes opening a bag of chips only to discover there's more air than actual munchies inside. According to Taste of Home, manufacturers purposely top-off bags with nitrogen gas to help protect and preserve your Doritos, Boom Chicka Pop, Pretzel Crisps, or whatever your favorite snack may be. But now, a Costco member has encountered a similar issue with the seasoning bottles at the popular warehouse retailer.

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In a video that's garnered more than 788,000 views, TikToker Jpeezy (@just_n_time_2_tok) is slamming Costco for selling name-brand seasoning bottles that are only partially full. His 30-second clip compares popular seasonings and dry rubs to Kirkland's Everything Bagel Seasoning, which is noticeably fuller than the rest.

"Why are we paying for half a bottle of seasoning?" reads the text overlay at the beginning of his video.

Jpeezy then takes followers down the herbs and spices aisle, pausing to point out seasoning bottles that aren't filled to the rim. He takes note of a bottle of Old Bay seasoning, which is commonly used on seafood, chicken, and red meat. The camera then pans to multiple containers under the brand name Kinder's before he points the finger at Spice Lab's Taco Seasoning, Dash's Salt-Free Original Seasoning Blend, and Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning that appears to be only two-thirds full.

It isn't until Jpeezy reaches the section of Kirkland products (Costco's in-house brand) that he spots seasoning bottles filled to the cap.

"Thanks, Kirkland for filling your bottles all the way!" he says.

The video has sparked a heated debate on TikTok. While some Costco customers feel like they're being ripped off by big brands, others claim there's a logical explanation for the extra space.

"Idk why they do this," one person commented."Like the potato chips I understand why they don't fill it all the way but this one idk."

Another dubbed the controversy "shrinkflation," adding: "I remember when those bottles were much cheaper and full to the top."

Several also chimed in that spices settle overtime, which can affect how full a bottle looks. "Because powders settle differently than seeds so it might look less but as long as you're getting the weight that's labeled for sale," someone explained.

"When the spices are sitting for a while they condense because the air between the particles escapes. if you shake it up it should look more full," suggested a user.

But as many pointed out, the volume of seasoning doesn't matter as much as the weight since that's what determines the product's cost. "You're paying for the weight of the powder inside not the volume of the bottle," reads a comment.

A second person said, "YOU ARE PAYING A PRICE PER OUNCE!"

"You pay for the amount labeled on the bottle. how big the bottle is, is irrelavent," another agreed.

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