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Costco Shoppers Share the 6 Best Clothing Items: "The Quality Is Great"

The retailer sells everything from stylish button-ups to durable socks.

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Even if having a Costco membership didn't come with access to plenty of money-saving benefits, you'd still be able to take advantage of the store's impressively large inventory. But in addition to the everyday essentials that tend to fill up the most carts, the warehouse retailer is a surprisingly reliable resource for some fashion basics. Before you miss out on a chance to step up your style game, read on for the best clothing items at Costco, according to shoppers.

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32 Degrees Men's Shirts

A close up of a men's 32 Degree t-shirt from Costco

While most shoppers know and love Costco for their in-house Kirkland brand, it's not the only thing available in the clothing section. Members also gush about the 32 Degrees line of products, which ranges from reliably warm jackets to comfortable underwear. However, it's the brand's tees that stand out the most.

"I love just about anything from the 32 Degrees clothing line!" one enthusiastic shopper wrote in a Reddit post. "The shirts keep me cool and dry during the summer [and] they sell them in packs."

The value also plays big: a three-pack retails for just $13.99 on Costco's website.

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Mondetta Leggings

A close up of Mondetta Leggings from Costco

Costco is gaining a reputation as a resource for great leggings and athleisure. And according to shoppers, the store's Mondetta pants are a worthwhile investment.

"The Mondetta brand workout leggings with side phone pockets are amazing," one enthusiastic customer said in a reply on Reddit. "I bought five pairs last January, and I wear a pair every day to work, and they hold up to weekly washings and hard wear. They are also supportive, and the pockets are deep enough for large phones."

Kirkland Athletic Socks

Kirkland athletic socks from Costco in white

It's helpful to have a brand of socks you know and love, as that's an article of clothing you're likely to wear every single day. For Costco shoppers, Kirkland Signature athletic socks are one of their favorite items in the store.

In a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, style writer Jamie Waters praised several pieces of clothing from the warehouse retailer while comparing them to other pricier options. He said he was most "thrilled" with the store's socks, writing: "Thick, plush, and as comfy as hotel slippers, Kirkland's white athletic socks knocked my socks off."

And the general public seems to agree they're a cut above other options—especially at just $13.99 for a pack of eight pairs. "I love my Kirkland socks," one Reddit user wrote in a thread responding to the story. "I don't think I have worn through any I own, and some are a decade old."

Others spoke to their overall longevity. "I've never thrown an article of clothing out that was purchased at Costco because it failed due to quality," another Reddit user gushed. "They get retired after several years because of use."

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Kirkland Signature Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie

A close up of a Kirkland hoodie in red

Whether you're having a relaxing day around the house or need something to keep you warm on a chilly day, a comfy hoodie is a must-have for any wardrobe. And Costco shoppers say the Kirkland Signature hoodies—retailing online for around $15—are among the store's strong suits.

"I have three of their hoodies, and they are some of the best quality hoodies I own," one Reddit user posted on a thread discussing their favorite purchases from the store.

Kirkland Dress Shirt

A close up of a Kirkland dress shirt from Costco

Dress shirts serve a distinct purpose in a professional wardrobe. But they can also be worn in a more casual, everyday look, too. The Kirkland brand dress shirts are one item that's been a staple purchase for many Costco shoppers for years.

During a test run of the item, Waters describes the collar as feeling "solid" with "neat" stitching throughout the shirt. He adds that the item is also "far softer than a shirt at that price has any right to be" at just $24.99.

While other shoppers praise the longevity of the items in their closets, some add the caveat of the relatively large fit. But there is apparently at least one solution to this problem.

"If you can find them (mostly online only) and fit in them, the slim-fit Kirkland dress shirts are amazingly nice," one Reddit user suggested.

Kirkland Jeans

Costco Kirkland jeans

There is arguably no workhouse in the modern wardrobe as versatile as a solid pair of jeans. While denim can range from affordable to exorbitantly expensive, Costco's Kirkland Jeans remain popular as a decent budget option.

"You're not trying to look like you're wearing Paris fashion," celebrity stylist Michael Fisher told The Wall Street Journal. "It definitely doesn't look like you spent $300 on jeans, but I don't think they look super cheap at a glance."

Shoppers agree that while they might not turn heads, they're still a good buy. "Kirkland jeans may not look the best but they last a long time," one Reddit user admits. "What I like most about them is they are inexpensive enough that I feel I can treat them as old work pants from the day I buy them. The cost to replace them is very low."

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