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The Most Irrational Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These folks tend to get a little worked up.

Some folks seem like they have everything under control, while others easily spiral into a state of emotional distress. These people often act on impulse, let their emotions take over, and obsess over small things they can't let go. Do you ever wonder why it seems like the slightest thing can immediately set certain people off? Well, astrology may have something to do with it. Continue reading to find out the most irrational zodiac sign from a little absurd to unfailingly unreasonable.

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Geminis like to think of themselves as free spirits. They're always flitting from group to group and trying new things, so they never end up spending a long time with any certain person and are always moving on to the next best thing.

But just because they are social butterflies, doesn't mean they handle every situation with ease. They are anxious and often need a lot validation, says Emily Newman, an astrologist at Best of Psychic Reader, and if they don't get what they want they panic and start acting irrationally.

These air signs are classic over-thinkers and are scared of saying the wrong things or disappointing those around them. When this happens they operate on assumptions rather than real feelings and you'll start to see their irrational side come out.

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As a fixed sign, you'd expect Scorpios to be in more control of their emotions, but they definitely have their share of irrational tendencies. Their intense passion and depth of feeling often makes them lash out or hold grudges, Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense tells Best Life.

These water signs are ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, and might even be a little too in touch with their emotions, causing them to easily forgo reason and spiral into distress.

They're also incredibly observant, so they're often attune to other people's secrets—sometimes they'll start to crack under the pressure of carrying all these things by themselves.


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Pisces are sensitive and sweet—if you go along with their vision of things. "They love from the heart and prefer to live in a fairytale," Newman says.

They care for others deeply and they only want the same in return, but if they aren't getting their desired response they can't become completely irrational. This water sign gets so wrapped up in their own thoughts and feelings, that they'd rather not listen to others advice and tend to get passive aggressive when things don't work, says Newman.

Not only are they irrational when things don't go their way, they're harsher on themselves than any other sign. They get trapped in their own head and start a cycle of pessimistic thoughts that can be difficult to escape from.


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Leos are full of fiery passion which can be a joy to be around but also make them quite irrational from time to time. These fire signs are known to be melodramatic and when someone questions their self-worth, they'll want to jump straight to fight mode. They act impulsively and are stubborn beyond belief thanks to their fixed nature.

"Let's not forget about their ruling planet, the Sun," Clare says, which means they will only be thinking about what's best for themselves. If someone criticizes them, Leo will definitely take it as a personal attack on their personality and all forms of reason are thrown out the window.


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Capricorns are natural-born leaders and one of their best qualities is their sense of responsibility. However, because they always want to be at the top of the success ladder, they are more conscious of what people think of them.

"They become irrational when they try to please everybody and do different things," Newman says. They might even start to lie or inflate the truth to make themselves seem more capable—which can get them into trouble.

These earth signs often want to show-off all of their abilities and skills, but they start to lose track of reality if they do too much.

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It may come as a surprise that a grounded earth sign like Virgo, who appears to be put together and stable all the time, can be irrational. Virgos are constantly working towards perfection and they like every little detail to be in the right place, but if anything goes wrong these people might be headed for a meltdown.

They can get a bit worked up sometimes, Clare tells Best Life. "Their mutable nature has them constantly changing their minds, and you can't dismiss their ruling planet, Mercury, which is in charge of communication, and it might have them overthinking every word they say," she says.

Perfection can't always be achieved, so these people will be on the downward spiral when they can't get their desired outcome.

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