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The Most Antisocial Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'd rather stay home with a good book than go to a party with friends.

Constantly making small talk and meeting new people can get to be too much for anyone. However, for some folks, any level of socializing is a nightmare scenario. They'd much rather stay home with a good movie and takeout than go out to dinner with friends. And if you're wondering why they come across as so standoffish or uninterested, their horoscope may be the answer, astrologers say. Keep reading to discover the most antisocial zodiac signs, from a little introverted to totally withdrawn.

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It's not that Tauruses aren't approachable, but they hate leaving their comfort zone to make new friends. If they're at a party, they'll be flying solo or hanging with an already-established crew.

Professional astrologer Leah Goldberg adds that Taurus is the most self-sufficient sign. Therefore, they'll rarely ask for help, she says, in part because "others actually irritate them a lot"—which only adds to their standoffishness.


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As the leaders of the zodiac, Aries have big personalities that can be too over-the-top for people to deal with.

Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina, says they tend to be on edge, can be agitated by the smallest thing someone does, and snap back to try and get their way. "They may not play very well in the sandbox and are the type of sign that steals everyone else's toys," she notes.

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Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, so dealing with others' imperfections is not easy for them. "People make mistakes, carry germs, and make a mess, which are all things that Virgos have to criticize and fix," Goldberg explains.

At its root, this is a desire for control. To this point, certified astrologer Lorena Thomas says Virgos usually have "an established routine that includes going to work, getting home, and relaxing." Socializing often doesn't make it onto the agenda since those are situations in which they can't ensure everything will go according to plan.


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Cancers are well-known homebodies who enjoy spending time alone. "If a Cancer has to choose between hanging out with friends or 'hibernating' at home, they will always choose the latter," says Thomas.

Garbis notes that these crabs can also withdraw into their shell and lock everyone out, especially if they're uncomfortable. "They prefer to socialize with a tight group and not let anyone else in that they don't know, as it may be difficult for them to make friends," she says.

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Capricorns would rather achieve their professional goals than interact with people. Goldberg points out that they enjoy having one or two close friends and maybe a significant other: "Otherwise, they don't socialize much unless it's to connect with people that will help them advance in their careers."

These earth signs don't deem many people worthy of their attention, and they're often judgmental, which leads to even fewer social encounters. "They often look down on others, especially those that have no discipline and structure in their lives," adds Goldberg.


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Scorpio is mysterious and tends to be closed-off, especially towards strangers. "They are intensely emotional and secretive, and some do not like people," says Garbis, making them the most antisocial member of the zodiac.

These complex water signs will usually deal with their feelings by themselves because they find it hard to trust others. "They are very selective with whom they choose to spend time with and hate dealing with public situations," Garbis adds.

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