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There's One Zodiac Sign That's Most Likely to Stay Single, Astrologers Say

They can never quite find what they're looking for.

Whether it's because they prefer an independent lifestyle, can never find a partner who lives up to their standards, or are constantly breaking up with potential long-term matches, some people are perpetually single. They'll head to social events sans a plus one and regale friends with stories of their never-quite-stable romantic endeavors. And astrologers say this trait might have to do with their horoscope sign. Read on for the zodiac signs who are most likely to be single, from the strivers who never quite find what they're looking for to the full-on commitment phobes.

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Boyfriend and girlfriend are arguing on the couch. Angry woman is yelling at her boyfriend.

Scorpios tend to have tumultuous relationships—and if they aren't willing to grow or can't find a partner who is willing to put up with them, they'll likely have trouble maintaining anything steady.

"Their feelings are powerful and wild, but their love may be difficult to bear," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "Jealousy, suspicion, high demands, beating themselves up, and picking on their partner are just some drops in the ocean of Scorpio's romantic challenges."

They often fear developing deep feelings and may chase physical relationships over emotional ones.


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Sagittarius doesn't have the patience to weather the rough patches that often occur in long-term relationships.

"In the end, life is too short, and there are so many things to discover," says Alta of Sag's mindset. "If problems arise in our relationship, why should we torment each other, right?" Instead, they'll cut ties.

The one exception is if they find a partner who is also hungry for new experiences and eager to expand their horizons. "If they don't limit Sag's freedom, they can become lifelong friends," says Alta.

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This sign has an independent spirit, which can make them wary of taking on a partner. "They prefer to rely on themselves only and don't tend to ask for help in difficult situations," says Alta. "Their sense of ego is high, so their inner world revolves around their own needs, wishes, and desires."

When they do meet a partner, they often find it hard to adjust, so it's often their significant other who must compromise in order to meet Aries' needs.

On the bright side, it's easy for this sign to attract potential partners. "With their charisma, boundless energy, confidence, and leadership skills, there will always be a lot of candidates for their heart," adds Alta.


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This sign often needs a nudge to play the field. If not, they'll spend most of their days holed up at the office as opposed to flirting at a bar.

"Capricorns are incredibly focused on their careers and personal achievements, and their rigorous schedules and high standards often make it difficult for them to find a partner who fits into their lifestyle," says Raquel Rodriguez, an astrologer at Nomadrs. "This work-first attitude often leads them into a cycle where they have trouble meeting suitable partners, so prolonged periods of singlehood are something familiar to them."

Expect to find them being honored at a work conference for their achievements—but attending the award ceremony without a date.

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This sign, considered the overly analytical perfectionist of the zodiac, leads with its head, not its heart.

"Virgo is a rational sign that sees everything through an intellectual lens, but love requires leaving analytical thinking behind and seeing another human as the best person in the whole world," says Alta. "How can they promise to love forever if a romantic fever is just a release of hormones that will soon come to an end?"

This sign is likely to consider divorce statistics and the rates at which many people find themselves unhappy in long-term relationships—two things that kill romance.


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Aquarius simply doesn't value romance as much as other things, like friendships, intellectual growth, and spiritual connections. Plus, they're highly independent and often see serious relationships as a threat to their autonomy.

"However, if they find a partner who can become their best friend, share common interests, engage in meaningful discussion, avoid putting pressure on them, and add a spice of adventure to their family life, they'll be happy to settle down and crave nothing more from life," says Alta. It's all about finding the one.

Unfortunately, their eccentricities and out-of-the-box thinking often win over and leave them as the zodiac sign most likely to be single.

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