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The Most Impatient Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These people are constantly counting down the seconds.

No one loves waiting, whether it's standing in line for coffee on your way to work or sitting in traffic when you're starving. Many of us make due and suck it up, but others simply can't do it. They expect instant gratification and get irritated if it doesn't happen. If you know someone like this—perhaps a significant other who gets annoyed when you take more than a few minutes to get ready, or a friend who gets grumpy when your table at the restaurant won't be ready for a half hour—it could have to do with their horoscope sign. Read on to hear from professional astrologers about the most impatient zodiac signs, from mildly antsy to absolutely intolerant.

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Libras might be known for keeping life balanced, but that doesn't mean they're not easily agitated. "Libras are on the go at all times and never want to take their foot off the gas," says Susan Bynes, an astrologer at Totally the Dream. "If you're alongside them and not moving fast enough, you'll be sure to hear about it." If they text a friend, they expect an immediate response. And if you're in a relationship with a Libra, you'll be expected to keep up with their busy life.


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This water sign might seem mellow, but looks can be deceiving. Pisces are emotional, leading to moody behavior. "This most sensitive, most romantic of all the signs is a true drama-queen," says Victoria Thomas, an astrologer at Peaceful Dumpling. "Pisces experiences tidal highs and lows every day, battered by sea-changes of hopes, wishes, whims, and insecurities." Therefore, their impatience comes out most in relationships, where they'll constantly need reassurance.

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Geminis are on a constant quest for excitement and get restless when life doesn't live up to their high expectations. "This natural multi-tasker flits from project to project and from crush to crush," says Thomas. She attributes their short attention spans to "the combination of the air element and Mercury as the sign's ruling planet." Expect Gemini to cancel plans last minute for something more immediately fun or end a relationship if they start to feel a little bored.


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These stubborn folks want everyone to follow their lead and expect others to live up to their high standards, especially at work. "The goat becomes easily exasperated watching someone else struggle with a task," Thomas says. They're quick to take over because they believe they can do it better and don't have time to waste watching.

Capricorn's impatience can also lead to anger, and if what they're feeling is towards you, "you're probably not going to have a good day as they tend to lash out," explains Bynes. If you notice them growing frustrated, it's best not to put in your two cents.

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Leos want to be the center of attention and act crabby when all eyes aren't on them. And as one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac, they're also accustomed to things just falling into place. When either of these scenarios doesn't play out, they're quick to move on to get what they want.

"[Leos] illuminate the zodiac with fiery radiance and generosity of spirit, but lack a willingness to slog it out in the trenches," Thomas explains. If you pursue a relationship with this bold sign, make sure to shower them with devotion because that's what they've come to expect. And if they're having a rough stretch at work, expect them to quit and find something else.


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Aries is a natural-born leader. But unlike starry Leos, they don't have any patience for people who see the world differently. "The ram is the first sign of the calendar year and expects to be first in all things," Thomas says. This can make relationships and friendships difficult if you don't see eye-to-eye. It also propels Aries into careless behavior.

"Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and impulse, Aries are no stranger to making rash decisions and jumping into new ventures without looking back," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense. Likewise, Bynes says this sign is "hasty in everything that they do" and expects things to be done yesterday.

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