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The Zodiac Sign Most People Refuse to Date, New Research Shows

They have a few traits people don't appreciate, according to astrologers.

When it comes to dating, there are many seemingly arbitrary reasons some of us say yay or nay to a potential partner. Maybe, based on past relationships, you won't go out with someone who has a specific name. Or, you won't go on a second date with someone who has a certain job. It might even be that you pass on people from your hometown. But some people look to the cosmos for hints of compatibility. As one Psychic Source survey found, there are a few horoscope signs that people refuse to date at higher rates than others. Read on to learn the top three signs, plus an astrologer's insights into their weaknesses in relationships. It just might illuminate some of the goings-on in your romantic life.

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The survey found that 19 percent of people would refuse to date a Gemini. (For reference, nine percent of people said they would refuse to date an Aries, which received the lowest percentage.)

Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, says this might be because the sign is associated with being careless, superficial, deceptive, and incapable of lasting feelings. "This is the image of a person who's immature in family life and prone to infidelity," she says.

However, just because someone's sign is Gemini doesn't mean you must discount them. Alta explains that it's likely a Gemini's Venus, the planet that rules their behavior in the realm of romance, is in a different sign.

"For example, a person may have their Sun in Gemini and their Venus in Taurus or Cancer," she says. "This means they are still sociable, smart, easy-going, open yet family-oriented, loving, and caring at the same time."

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In relationships, Cancers are often depicted as emotionally unstable, clingy, and manipulative, which might be why 20 percent of people refuse to date them.

Again, Alta stresses that this sign shouldn't be immediately ignored. "The sign of Cancer is associated with family, so Crabs can be extremely affectionate, loyal, and nurturing," she says. "Plus, if you're career-oriented and want your spouse to be in charge of the family atmosphere, there's hardly a better choice than a Cancer."

Every day, you can expect a warm meal in the oven and a new cozy decor element added to your home.

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Scorpio gets a bad rep, perhaps due to some of its representatives' inclination toward sarcasm, spite, and nit-picking their partners. According to the survey, as many as 26 percent of Americans would refuse to date them.

Scorpio can also have a fairly intense energy. "This sign is closely related to the energies of transformation, life and death, and change," says Alta. "That's why a typical Scorpio tends to dramatize things, sees everything in gloomy colors, and is attracted to critical situations."

But that doesn't mean you should never date one. "Scorpios with a high level of self-awareness see family as the most important thing in their lives," says Alta. "They're willing to constantly develop their best qualities to make their loved ones happy, and a spiritual Scorpio can be very tender, supportive, loving, and devoted."

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The study also discovered these takeaways.

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First, it found that people really do care about their zodiac sign: 57 percent of Americans believe they're credible to some extent, and more than 10 percent check their horoscopes multiple times a week.

Americans say Libra, Aries, and Cancer make the best partners, and 33 percent believe zodiac signs play a role in compatibility.

However, in Alta's professional opinion, you shouldn't discount someone for their sun sign. "The best thing to do is consult a professional astrologer and find out whether you're compatible with this ‌person," she says. In other words: "Give poor Scorpios a chance."

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