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How to Find Your Zodiac Soulmate When Dating After 50, According to Astrologers

You may be surprised how your astrological compatibility changes after 50.

Dating after 50 can feel very different than it did in your younger years. Having older children, roots planted in a career or family, or maybe having been divorced are all factors that can make looking for a partner a bit trickier at this age. But that certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't try! And if you want a little help narrowing down your search parameters on that dating app, you may want to consider a potential mate's horoscope. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about who your zodiac soulmate after 50 is.

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Aries: Libra

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"When Aries is in their younger years, they lean more toward someone who can match their adventure, spontaneity, and zest for life, so they usually lean toward people with heavy Gemini or Sagittarius energy," notes Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

But as they get older, Aries looks for a steadier lifestyle, a perspective that a balanced Libra can best help them with, Marquardt says. Libra is also a fun-loving, social sign, so Aries won't completely lose their energetic and outgoing ways.

Taurus: Capricorn

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"These pragmatic earth signs seek stability and appreciate reliability in a partner," says Bella Nguen, an astrology columnist at Indielogy Magazine, which is why she says focused and practical Capricorn is their zodiac soulmate after age 50.

"As they enter their later years, Tauruses appreciate building a comfortable life together and are willing to put in the hard work required," she adds.

And as the zodiac's hardest-working sign, Capricorn will never leave them feeling disappointed. In addition, Taurus hates change, and Capricorn is perfectly content staying put.

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Gemini: Leo

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"Gemini will always be a childlike sign, even in their later years, so after 50 they don't want to lose touch with their youthfulness, but they do want more stability," explains Marquardt, who says they pair best with Leo, a sign that also stays playful throughout the years.

"Leo's confidence and creativity can keep Gemini stimulated, but Leo is also a fixed sign, which helps give Gemini someone to depend on consistently, rather than continuing to rely on someone who is too spontaneous," he adds.

Cancer: Taurus

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Cancer is highly emotional. Though they may gravitate toward fellow water sign Pisces earlier in life, they'll later start to sense that these fish are caring and understanding of everyone's feelings, "and Cancer wants to feel more special than that," shares Marquardt.

"Taurus is grounded in their emotions but they tend to be more vulnerable later in life," Marquardt explains. "If a mature Taurus is opening up their heart, Cancer knows it means something special because Taurus has excellent boundaries and is highly selective about who they share their vulnerable side with."

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Leo: Aries

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Earlier in life, these spicy fire signs may have clashed over their big personalities. But as they get older, Nguen says they're able to embrace each other's energy. "This is a spirited, exciting match where both can shine."

As the most attention-seeking zodiac sign, Leo will never completely take a backseat, however. But if there's anyone who can understand their love of the limelight, it's a confident Aries.

Virgo: Scorpio

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Were you expecting the perfectionist of the zodiac to end up with a fellow type-A sign like Capricorn? According to Marquardt, this is exactly the predictable structure they would have sought out in their younger years. But at age 50, they're ready to let their hair down a bit.

"Scorpio is able to give Virgo the depth and complexity they desire to make life feel more interesting and daring, but Scorpio also provides a sense of dependability and loyalty that Virgo finds important after the age of 50," he says.

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Libra: Aquarius

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In their younger years, sociable and friendly Libra gravitates toward equally outgoing signs like Leo and Gemini. "Once they've matured, however, Libra seeks a more intellectual approach to life," notes Marquardt.

"Aquarius is the most compatible sign for a 50+ Libra because they feed Libra's airy energy but Aquarius' detached and independent nature is also helpful for Libra, a sign that can get too caught up with being too closely linked to someone else," he explains.

Scorpio: Cancer

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While Cancer has a reputation for being sweet and caring, and Scorpio gets pegged as brooding and mysterious, Nguen says that as emotional water signs, they will "understand one another intuitively" after age 50.

Cancer's nurturing ways can help Scorpio show their vulnerable side, which will allow them to finally be fully present in a relationship. "Their bond grows richer with nostalgia and shared memories over decades spent together," Nguen adds.

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Sagittarius: Virgo

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Organized and analytical Virgo would probably have turned off adventurous and spontaneous Sagittarius in their youth, but after decades of living at opposite ends of the spectrum, these signs are ready to meet in the middle.

"Virgo is a mutable sign, just like Sagittarius, so they can be flexible and experimental, especially later in life," Marquardt points out. "After 50 years old, both signs love the feeling of being immersed in new situations, but they want a partner in crime to travel and learn new things with."

Capricorn: Sagittarius

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On the surface, this is another classic example of opposites attract. All their lives, Capricorns work hard to achieve success and build a financial safety net. So, after 50, they're ready to get out there and enjoy the fruits of their labor—and who better to do that with than Sagittarius, the world traveler of the zodiac?

However, these workaholics can never completely change, "so when they feel like rolling up their sleeves and getting down to business, they appreciate Sagittarius' independent nature and ability to keep themselves entertained without holding a grudge," Marquardt notes.

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Aquarius: Aires

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"Aquarius can be a loner in their younger years," says Marquardt. "However, after the age of 50, Aquarius fully embraces their own genius nature and realizes no other sign can truly stimulate them intellectually the way they can do it for themselves."

Therefore, at this age, they're looking for a partner who has "street smarts over book smarts," someone like Aries, "the fearless leader of the zodiac." According to Marquardt, "Aries keeps Aquarius on their toes and is able to teach Aquarius things that they've never learned before."

Pisces: Capricorn

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Because Pisces is so emotional and empathetic, they often find themselves with complex signs such as Scorpio when they're younger. But come 50, Pisces realizes their job is not to "fix" their partner.

"Pisces learns to protect themselves better and they like the feeling of being protected by someone else too, which is why Capricorn is the most enticing sign for a Pisces after the age of 50," explains Marquardt. Capricorn's pragmatic nature will allow Pisces to finally prioritize themselves.

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