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The Most Selfless Zodiac Sign, Astrologers Say

They'll give until they don't have anything left.

For some people, putting others' needs above their own is a no-brainer. They'll give, give, and give some more without ever expecting anything in return. If they can lend a hand or offer their services in any way, they will be the first to volunteer—and they'll rarely say no if you ask. As it turns out, their horoscope could be why they're so overtly considerate, according to astrologers. Keep reading to find out the most selfless zodiac signs, from a little generous to totally altruistic.

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Tauruses are selfless because they love knowing you can count on them. They are incredibly reliable, will support you like no one else, and like to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.

"They take satisfaction from taking care of others' needs," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, who adds that these earth signs are effortlessly selfless, never expecting recognition or thanks for their good deeds.


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While Leos are known for their charisma and outgoing personality, these lions also have huge hearts. Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, says they are extremely generous, often using their natural leadership skills to advocate for others.

Leos will do whatever they can to bring out the best in others. "They take pleasure in uplifting people, and their acts of kindness range from grand gestures to heartfelt compliments," adds Rodriguez.

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As a water sign, it's natural for Pisces to go above and beyond for their loved ones. Rodriguez notes that their joy comes from the act of giving itself, making them deeply selfless individuals.

However, they sometimes have trouble when it comes to setting boundaries. "No is simply not in Pisces vocabulary," explains Bennet. They'll disrupt their own plans to make sure someone else's are going smoothly. Even though it's not realistic, these fish dream of a world where absolutely everyone is happy.


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Nothing excites a Virgo more than getting to help someone out. As the sign of service, they can kick it into high gear if a crisis comes up, and they won't hesitate to be there when you need them.

"Whether it's helping a friend organize their life or simply being there with a listening ear, Virgos offer a practical form of selflessness that is invaluable," says Rodriguez. These earth signs have an unmatched eye for detail and can quickly anticipate what you need before you even realize it.

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Libra lives for making others happy and comfortable. They always make sure everyone around them feels valued, and they'll easily push their own wants aside if it helps them avoid conflict.

Bennet describes them as selfless to the core. Sometimes they might go too far in neglecting their own needs, but caring for others is a must in their book. "If they feel they could have done more and didn't, they feel very uncomfortable with the situation," Bennet adds.


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It's no question that Cancer is the most selfless zodiac sign, and Rodriguez goes as far as to say that nurturing is as natural to them as breathing. No one would drop what they're doing to take care of you like these empathetic water signs. They have a deep love for their family and friends and are usually the glue that holds relationships together.

"The interesting thing about Cancer's selflessness is that it's so deeply ingrained, they almost don't see it as a choice—it's just who they are," adds Rodriguez.

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