The Most Gullible Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These signs will believe just about anything, and it's not always a good.

Being trusting isn't a bad thing—unless you're blindly believing anything anyone tells you. While it's a positive quality to be able to see the best in others, certain people are unable to decipher when someone is lying and are too quick to be persuaded. It might seem odd that in the information age people can still be so credulous, but this could be predestined due to their horoscope. Read on to hear from astrologers about the six most gullible zodiac signs, from somewhat naive to foolishly unsuspecting.

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You might be surprised to see this charming and extroverted sign here, but it's exactly this confident nature that gets them into trouble. Leos are so sure of themselves "that they truly don't believe anyone would dare take advantage of them," explains Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical. "A few calculated compliments and a Leo is sold, resulting in them accidentally adopting some of the fakest people into their circle."


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The sign of the scales is "obsessed with harmony, balance, and order [and] will do just about anything to maintain peace, including sacrificing their own logical instincts," explains Kirsten. As the most passive-aggressive zodiac sign, they can't help feeling uncomfortable at any amount of distress. Add to that their quest for justice, and Kirsten says Libra is very likely to be duped into donating to a scam cause.

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The sensitive nurturer of the zodiac just can't help forgiving others. "Cancer possesses a childlike quality of openheartedness and candor that they expect to see readily reflected in those around them," says Kirsten. "It's not that the crab is easily fooled; rather, they tend to see the best in people and believe that everyone has good intentions." This will lead them to lend a helping hand to a questionable acquaintance only to be snubbed by them in return.


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Sagittarius is another sign that may not be associated with being gullible. After all, they're the world travelers of the zodiac, so they must be uber-perceptive, right? As it turns out, "they tend to be a little naive when it comes to stranger hospitality," shares Kirsten. "Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and opportunity, Sags can't help but see potential in every person they meet." For example, if a tour guide tells them that for an additional fee they'll get to see special areas, they'll have their cash out in no time.

According to author and astrologer Lisa Barretta, it's Sagittarians' strong beliefs that are at the root of their over-trusting nature. "They have to be very discerning and weed out the facts from fiction," she cautions. Just because the guide says the fee goes to charity, doesn't mean it's true.

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No one is more impulsive than Aries, and that means they'll often dive into things before doing their research or getting all the information. "If someone tells them they can make big money doing something, Aries will rush in based on someone's overinflated story of success," explains Barretta.

It's not just business where Aries runs gullible, either. "Aries is incredibly over-trusting where love is concerned," says Kirsten. "Ruled by fiery Mars, this straight-shooting sign isn't afraid to go after what its heart desires, and that includes love riddled with red flags." Instead of heeding these warnings, they'll pretend they don't exist and only hear what they want to hear. Kirsten adds that this "can leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of."


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Pisces is considered the most easygoing zodiac sign. This carefree nature also means they're big dreamers, highly creative, and very intuitive. "You'd think the ultra-visionary fish would be able to detect early signs of deception, but that's not always the case," says Kirsten. "Ruled by dreamy Neptune, they're idealistic by nature and prefer to see the best in people, even when there are warning signs that something isn't quite right."

Barretta concurs, and refers to this as a "Neptunian fog." She says Pisces' motto is "I believe," which can be to their detriment. When they get a (strange) email from someone offering to showcase their artwork, they'll immediately start imagining themselves as the next Picasso—only to find out that the art gallery doesn't exist.

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