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The Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Marry, According to Astrologers

Experts reveal which astrological signs are the least likely to tie the knot.

Marriage is a major commitment, and it's not one that we're all cut out for. A substantial number of nuptials end in divorce, and many of us prefer to stay single anyway. Whether it's because we want to focus on our careers, don't feel like sharing our space, or prefer pairing with no strings attached, there are a number of legitimate reasons to not tie the knot—not that you need any reason at all. But did you know astrology could play a role in how likely you are to get married?

According to astrologers, some zodiac signs are more inclined to long-term romance, while others prefer to stay solo. Read on to discover the zodiac signs least likely to marry, from maybe mulling it over to firmly putting their foot down.

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Out of the signs on this list, you likely have the best chance with a Virgo—though they still might have some trepidation. While Virgos are not unromantic by nature, they are selective when it comes to who they allow to share their spaces. Although they might not be as expressive in their emotions, they are sensitive to what others think. According to celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash, this "can lead to passive aggression in long-term relationships if they can't learn to express what they're feeling." But, she adds, "if a Virgo can find a sensitive and understanding partner to coax their feelings out of them, they are incredibly devoted to their relationships."


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Like the other fire signs, Aries are known to be passionate—and they love big displays of affection. However, they can be prone to jealousy if they're feeling unappreciated. "They expect to be adored in a relationship, and they simply won't commit to anything they don't feel 1000 percent passionate about," says Ash. So, what does an Aries need? Someone who "will shower them with endless affection and words of affirmation."

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When it comes to expressing their emotions, Scorpios can only really do so once they're comfortable with their partner. "What makes marriage difficult for Scorpios is finding the right person," Ash says. "Scorpios are seeking out the once in a lifetime soulmate connection." She says "hook-up culture" can complicate things for them. "They will only say 'I do' if they plan on spending the rest of their life with the other person," Ash adds.


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Geminis, or "quick-witted twins," are always on the move and taking everything in. According to astrology consultant Sofia Adler, this sign is all about "both-and," not "either-or." "They love the ability to learn and discover new, exciting things by dating many different people," she explains.  So, marriage isn't necessarily in the cards.

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The second least likely to get married on our list, Aquarians are bubbly people, but it can be challenging for them to be tied down to a single commitment or idea. "Their combined need for freedom and their stubborn personalities makes it hard to keep their attention," says Ash. But if you catch their eye? They can be "incredibly loyal partners."


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With their wandering spirit and fire sign energy, Sagittarians have "a reputation for being extreme flirts." Unfortunately, that makes them the sign least likely to marry on our list. Since they don't tend to thrive in rigid structures or routines, Ash says, "it can make them nervous to take the traditional marriage route." But if they find the right partner, a long-term romance could work. "The archaic norm of marriage repels Aquarius, the visionary who wants to do things differently and look to the future, rather than stay stuck in the past," says Adler.

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