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The Zodiac Sign Least Likely to Divorce, According to Astrologers

Experts reveal which astrological signs are the least likely to split.

When you're thinking about spending your life with someone, divorce probably isn't the first thing on your mind. Instead, you're likely thinking about your walk down the aisle, the home you'll share and the kids you may (or may not) choose to have. But the truth is that many marriages do end in divorce.

And if you're a believer in astrology, you might be wondering if the person you're with—or want to be with in the future—is likely to be in it for the long haul. The zodiac signs, if you're not a skeptic, can be telling when it comes to whether or not divorce could be on the table in the future. Read on to discover the odds of divorce with every zodiac sign, from most likely to least.

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Due to their more free-spirited nature, Aquarius is the least likely sign to get married in the first place. "This sign will be quick to walk away from any situation that keeps them small and prevents them from embracing their most unique, individual self," says astrology consultant Sofia Adler. Because they crave independence, they're most likely to cut ties.


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For this sign, a sense of adventure remains at their core. "Sagittarius isn't keen on the traditional committed relationships, mainly because they possess a need to remain free and open to change their mind, move countries, or book a one-way ticket with no plans on when to return," says celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash. This makes them more likely to be in search of new experiences.

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Pisces crave deep emotional connection with their partners, but they're also extremely sensitive and struggle to handle conflict. If the relationship goes south, Adler says, "this sign will likely lean into their tendency to escape and walk away from the marriage."


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Of the signs, Gemini is "the social butterfly of the zodiac," says Adler. That means they're in constant need of stimulation and flexibility. Once they're bored? They're onto the next.


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It's no secret: Aries are fiercely independent, which is great, but their passion can also lend itself to a volatile relationship dynamic. "Aries needs someone who won't try and hold them back," says Ash. That means if an Aries isn't "feeling the fire" anymore, they will have no trouble looking for what's next.

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An independent fire sign, Leos just want to have fun and express themselves. When things get "too serious, dim their light, or no longer add pleasure to their lives, they will leave," says Adler. Basically, Leos love to shine.


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Tauruses are practical in nature, which also feeds into their relationships. They can be stubborn, laid-back, and charming, but Ash says that they're "looking for a relationship that can weather the storms of time." Despite their cold exterior, "once they find a partner worth fighting for, they aren't giving them up that easily." If their belief system changes, however, they might need to part ways.


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While Scorpios are unpredictable, they have intense relationships with their partners. "Once they commit, there's an intense and all-in energy to the relationship," says Adler. But once they're betrayed? There's no going back, and they'll walk away in an instant.

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While Virgos can be known for their perfectionism when it comes to themselves and others, they are also extremely passionate about personal growth and development. "Virgos will use their relationship as a catalyst for internal growth and an opportunity to heal emotional and mental wounds," says Adler. This makes them partners who are more willing to try and make things work.


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Capricorns are committed to doing the work in all aspects of their lives. According to Adler, they "will do whatever it takes in a relationship before walking away." Ash adds, "They know that partnerships built to last require mutual respect and honesty."


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Cancers are known for being nurturers. They want to feel comfortable with a partner and can be quick to sacrifice their own needs for the sake of others. While that's not necessarily a positive, "Cancers are likely to stick it out in a relationship because of their devotion, regardless of their own happiness or needs," says Adler.


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Libras crave balance and keeping the peace is their number one. Truthfully, they thrive in partnership. "While the practical air energy of Libra causes them to enter serious relationships with caution, there's still something about Libras that love a good cliché love story," says Adler. This sign, above all others, is more likely to remain in their romance.

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