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The Bossiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These domineering astrological signs won't take no for an answer.

Some people are born to be the boss: They expect others to do whatever they want, and they won't take no for an answer. These individuals have the ability to become true leaders, although they can certainly rub people the wrong way on their rise to the top. As it turns out, you just may have astrology to thank for these high and mighty folks. Read on to discover the six bossiest zodiac signs, from slightly strict to overwhelmingly overbearing.

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Geminis get people to do what they want by presenting it as the most interesting option. Astrologer Linda Berry says this is because they're "adaptable and alert, which gives them the ability to be in control without breaking a sweat."

This twin sign's flexible personality means they'll act how they think a person wants them to, quietly getting other people to agree with them. As Berry explains, "They can casually use sarcasm to boss others around if it helps them to redirect an unexpected surprise." These quick thinkers can also outsmart people who don't expect it.


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Taurus folks are focused on getting ahead in life, which leads to a dominating attitude. Berry says, "Those with a Sun sign in Taurus are very concerned with money, material possessions and personal resources." She explains that this obsession with power is because the "bull symbol represents strength and stability, which allows steady progress in their pursuit of power."

Taureans are often stubborn and hate change, so they'll be a little controlling to make sure everything stays the same.

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Scorpios are known for loving power. Berry says this is because they often give the "sting of the Scorpion" and meet any challenges they face head-on. She warns that in their quest for control they "love to keep secrets and have a ritualistic behavior to try to control others." This total domination means they act dictatorial sometimes—because they just can't help themselves.


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Leos love to light up the room, which can feel domineering at times. Berry says these kings and queens of the zodiac's overbearing personalities are because "nothing happens halfway for them." This dramatic sign loves to be the center of attention and they'll put on a show to make sure that happens. Their big ego is what makes them strong, but it also means they have no problem sharing high and mighty opinions.

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Aries love to compete and win, easily overpowering those around them. "Like the mythological Ram, which is the symbol of this sign, they rarely quit," Berry says, especially if they're hoping for "a position of power." If you have an Aries family member, you've probably learned by now that you'll never win a fight against them. Aries know how to use their aggression to their advantage, and they can also charm friends and family members until they're left submissive.


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Capricorns won't take no for an answer. They want to be the best at everything, whether that means becoming CEO or being the chicest person at the party. According to Berry, "Capricorns are strategic geniuses who play their cards close to their chest, always playing to win." Their sign symbolizes a goat climbing a mountain of opportunity, which is double fitting because they want to be the G.O.A.T., or "The Greatest of All Time."

According to Berry, this ambitious sign "works smart and uses their time wisely to achieve their goals and power positions." Once a Capricorn makes up their mind, they're not changing it—and they're going to make sure you come over to their way of thinking.

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