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The Zodiac Sign That Will Always Outsmart You, Astrologers Warn

These people will always be one step ahead of you.

Some people are always one step ahead. They're so cunning that you might have trouble keeping up with them. If you've encountered someone who's always outfoxing others, you know it's easy for these tricksters to get away with anything. Wondering why certain people have these traits? Astrology might be able to provide some insight. Read on to discover the six signs that will always outfox you, from devilish deceivers to total bamboozlers.

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If you're close with a Cancer, you might be surprised they made this list—but it's because they're far trickier than you imagined. "Cancers are dialed into emotion and can use it to distract or manipulate any situation to their benefit," explains forensic astrologer Valerie Evans. These hyper-emotional folks also love to hold grudges, so if you wrong a Cancer, don't be surprised if they try to pull a fast one on you as revenge.


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Geminis have two sides to them, and you never know which one you're going to get. These fast-thinkers "keep everyone guessing," according to Evans. "A Gemini's social and listening skills give them the advantage because they will extract more information than the average person and use it to their advantage," she adds. If you tell a Gemini a secret, it's possible they'll use it against you in the future.

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Leo is smart and crafty—they often strategize and use their bravery to make moves. "It takes courage and self-confidence to outsmart an opponent, traits that are often associated with Leos," Evans says.

Evans cites the confident con man Frank Abagnale as the perfect example of someone with Leo energy. The Leonardo DiCaprio movie Catch Me If You Can is based on Abagnale, and she calls it "one example of how Leo energy helped him outsmart the FBI for years, staying one step ahead."


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Virgos are incredibly detail-oriented, so they won't let anything get by them. Debbie Jiana spiritual coach, warns that Virgos "expect the worst so they can be ready for anything." If you give a Virgo anything, whether it's a birthday card or a contract, they're going to make sure they're not being misled. They remember everything you ever say or give them, and they're not afraid to use it against you in the future if it helps them.

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Libras often become lawyers because they're so good at arguing. "They may fool you with their charm but their quick-thinking methods to win their case," explains Evans. This devious, sly sign can sometimes take extreme measures to be the center of attention, which they are often are in the courtroom. If they don't become lawyers, expect them to be secretly manipulative in their personal lives. If you're friends with or dating a Libra, tread carefully, because they can definitely be more clever than those around them.


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Scorpios are known for being strong and strategic, which makes them quite cunning. "Scorpios will easily command what is another person's and take it over—they may even improve it," says Evans.

Jian calls Scorpios "very clever business people" who "make you feel special and make you feel like you depend on them." Once you're reliant on a Scorpio, they have you right where you want them, so watch out.

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